The Missed Beat by G.V. Subba Rao




Everyone knew Dr. Raj Kumar, the eminent cardiologist and the founder of Get Well Hospitals. But no one knew about a dark secret he nurtured within.

And then one day, his precious daughter Dr. Sheela, gets kidnapped! Hell breaks loose as a free fall of skeletons from the past start haunting him. In this roller coaster ride can he overcome the deadly combination of the present and the future?

Yet another hard ‘heart-hitter’ from G V Subba Rao. A tale of inconceivable, sinister sequence of events with a headlong rush of excitement.




Once I read the blurb I was really interested to know what the story really holds. The blurb is really catchy and the title is short and relates well to the cardiologist and also as to how it takes you through a thrill and catches your mind.

The book consists of amazing thrill and twists. I really loved how the author narrated the incidents you really feel you’re going through the scenes. The first half of the book was really my favourite after that it got a little difficult to understand so yeah.

It’s a good book with emotions of revenge and nail biting turns in the story.
It’s a little medium lengthy book.
Overall 4/5

The Sinners by Sourabh Mukherjee


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Vikram Oberoi is found dead in his penthouse. A few hours ago, his involvement in a sex scandal in NexGen Technologies made headlines across the world.

Who is behind the sinister conspiracy that destroyed Vikram Oberoi, the philandering India Head of NexGen? Rivals within and outside the firm? One of his many jilted lovers or the miffed wife? A mysterious conspirator laying out honey traps to sabotage his plans? Or, is it the ghost of a sinful past that continues to haunt the Oberois?

The Sinners is a fast-paced thriller with a shocking twist that unravels against the backdrop of corporate warfare, illicit relationships and ruthless seduction games.


The cover gives off a really game kind if a vibe along with showing of power and glory. The book is full of twists and turns. I really loved how the book changed its pace and keeps the reader glued to the story. with the blurb itself you can feel and understand how amazing is the story. I absolutely felt as if I was going through a drama movie with such thrill. The words are easy to understand. The author speaks about everything in third person. The story is gripping. there is love, revenge and so much power. All the elements are put up beautifully in the book. Cant wait to read more from the same author. The plot, narration and story all of it will leave an impact on you.
overall 4/5

Give Faith A Chance Kindle Edition by RUTUJA NAIK

Give Faith A Chance by [NAIK, RUTUJA]



“Faith has a vast meaning. Every person has his own definition of Faith, though it’s different from person to person, it plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. Give Faith a Chance is an ordinary tale of six weird teenagers residing in the busiest city of India named Mumbai, each having different cultural and social backgrounds, different personalities, different ideas. They undergo a lot of hurdles and troubles in their life because of often been ignored, misguided, unheard or misinterpreted by society or family. Come read the roller-coaster journey of Kiara – who is full of kindness, optimism, cheerfulness and about her friends. Will their never-ending whirlpool of events and their struggle for moving towards peace, success, dreams come to an virtuous end or will life keep on tossing thorns on them repeatedly? Will their belief waver with various obstacles or will they stand strong and fight their fears and preserve their faith? To Know their story must read- Give faith a Chance. A tale of friendship, love and faith”



A lovely book with alot of morals to say. Enjoyed reading the book throughout. A story based on faith, love and hope. I love how strong the title is and the cover which is really beautiful and somewhat sums up the story as well. I love how these friend’s are connected no matter whats going on in their lives.
A great read with amazing characterization.



When stars conspires- Shalu Thakur Dhillon

The universe may conspire against you. The stars may collude to bring you down. But God has a plan, always the best one for you. You need to trust it, live it and enjoy it.
Amrit, an accomplished doctor with a fetching personality, blames himself for his wife Niharika’s death. He is stuck in his past.
Arpita, a simple girl, fighting many complexes, cheated in her marriage, is not ready to trust anyone in life.
The Stars, ever conspiring, bring them together. But can they be together for a lifetime?
Is it facile for Amrit to let go off past?
Is it possible for Arpita to trust someone again?
Will Arpita ever be able to see herself through Amrit’s eyes?
How do the stars conspire bring Niharika into their lives?
Does the destiny unite them finally or push them away forever?




The cover is really matching. Simple and elegant and goes well with title. The blurb is heartfelt. The story is amazing. A light romantic read which will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions. The plot is common but has a twist to it. A nice light read. It is fast paced. It is a nice read with drama and romance. It gives us hopes and to hold on to things that matters the most to us. 

Overall 4/5.

The web of karma – Anurag Shrivastava


This is the era of Jungle-Raaj in Bihar – the dark age of increasing anarchy and lawlessness in the state.
Control over law and order has long since passed from the hands of the administration to caste-based gangs and organized crime syndicates enjoying political patronage. Kidnapping has become one of the flourishing businesses of the state, while every other industry has dwindled down and the development plank has gone on a pause mode, on account of Rangdari, which is yet another booming business apart from contract killing, smuggling, illegal tree cutting, and vehicle snatching. Migration to other states is at peak: not only of big businessmen, but also of lowly laborers. And those who can’t leave the state are either sucked into the crime world or are forced to live under fear. Albeit the local newspapers everyday sketch the sordid saga of the state, the execrable condition is not likely to improve by any means in the near future.

Digambar Babu, a middle-aged man of a small town Motihari (the place of Mahatma Gandhi’s Champaran Satyagrah), is dejected and dismayed for his family falling apart, and so sets himself on a mission to make amends for the mistakes he has done in the past. Shakuntala Devi, his wife, infuriated at herself for having devoted her whole life selflessly and arduously for her ungrateful family, wants to make up for the injustice she has done to herself, by living the rest of her life selfishly. Sarvesh, their asthmatic son, whose first marriage perished about a decade ago, is still struggling with both his career and his married life, and Nisha, their daughter, is married to someone whom she thinks she will never be able to love. The biggest threat to the already troubled family is Nisha’s ex-lover Kanhaiya Tiwari, who is the youngest corporator of the town, and has sworn to ruin the family.
Shyam, Nisha’s husband, who is ‘the absorber of the emotions’, in keeping with his fluidity, writhes in pain but transforms time and again, in order to win his wife’s heart, while Savita, Sarvesh’s current wife, colludes with Kanhaiya Tiwari in his evil intent, in order to have all the strings of the family in her hands. Benighted in Sodom, they weave their web of Karma, and fabricate their fates, but the biggest sufferer in the ruthless game of dominance and survival are the innocent children of the family.

The story tries to draw parallels between Digambar Babu’s disarrayed family and the disordered town.

The novel is inspired from the real events happened in the town during 90’s era of jungle-raaj.




Starting off with the cover i personally loved it alot depicts the flow of universe within one and around. The title is also apt and goes along well with the book. The book is set in old times and bihar. The way it has been written is really beautiful. Characterization of the characters is really good.

The book takes you a bit to the old times and forms an imagery and takes you along to a journey.

Overall 4/5.

Blahman and The Attack Of The Wicked Zombies by Srijan Kabra

Blahman and The Attack Of  The Wicked Zombies by [Srijan Kabra]



The Attack of the Wicked Zombies is about two best friends named Aven and Steven. In this book, these friends mess with a mosquito during their sports practice in school, which leads to a page-turning twist. On the other side, there is a mysterious person who is converting normal people in zombies, one by one. These friends are committed to find and destroy this mysterious person and hopefully, stop the zombie apocalypse by using a secret weapon.
What happens after they mess with the mosquito? What is their secret weapon, and how to use it? Will they be able to save the world?
Well, this is up to the reader to ahead and find out…of course, the answers are in the book.



Firstly a tremendous job done by srijan. Cannot believe how beautiful his work is.
The book is an imaginary SciFi story consisting of zombies and how blahman erases them away. It’s a short read but filled with so much. Plot twists and easy words to understand. This book has so many colourful drawings which really adds in to the whole effect during reading. One thing i felt during reading the book is a high energy flow all the time. The cover and title are also very intresting. I loved reading the book. Hope srijan keeps writing more of this series. The book totally gives you off the wimpy kid feeling. I really loved how there were questions and how to draw sections which makes the book all the more close and intuitive. Characterization has been done really well.

overall 4/5.


Magnus Hooper: A Contentious Inheritance by Ananya Rajaraman



Magnus Hooper: A Contentious Inheritance by [Ananya Rajaraman]



A letter bearing the wrong date appears on the door step of Mr. Warner. A day later, the writer of the letter is murdered. Mr. Warner believes there is an underlying meaning to the letter, and that he had a premonition of an ominous happening. While the suspects are few, possibilities are many. When an innocent man is sent to jail, Magnus Hooper, a criminal detective, vows to bring the perpetrator to justice. The web of crime with its intricate knots proves to be a challenge at each step. For Magnus, this proves to be an intriguing game and a precarious gamble.



Magnus hooper is a detective who solves around many criminal cases, the book will surely remind you a bit about Sherlock Holmes at the least. The book is a little lengthy read but worth it. it is really interesting to see how it is written by a teenager who is managing both her studies and as well as writing this amazing book. the efforts by the author can really be seen really well. The vocabulary is easy to understand. The thriller is alright to read but the attempt is really beautiful to see. The cover gives you a very mystical vibe as well as the title one might think of it as a sci-fi. The plot is alright. The characterization is fine as well. Cannot wait what the little magician has more to offer.

overall 4/5.