The Book of My Poems by Apurva Tupdale


The Book of My Poems by [Tupdale, Apurva]




That moment when the excruciating pain in your heart is yearning to elude or when the mind is jumbled with thoughts you cannot possibly fathom; it is an anxious plea from your soul to be heard which, in this case, is depicted through words on paper.

26 poems on a variety of themes including the unpleasant agony of death, the ache of losing self, and the affection of love is woven together. Each poem will resonate imagination of a bibliophile and let them experience a different depth of emotions.



This book is a mixture of self love – confusion and different walks of life that we go through alone without anyone helping us. The loneliness that kindles within us. There are long poems mostly some with rhymes. The cover is really cheerful and brings in a lot of elements to it. The title is simple. It’s a short read with all the pain that you might have faced once in your life for sure.

I really loved reading this short book of poems. I could relate to so many poems present in the book. The titles also spoke so much about every poem.  A soft book of poems definitely worth reading! The poems had a great flow.

Overall -4/5.


Intjaar Pyaar Ka/इंतजार प्यार का (Hindi Edition) by Vishal Anand



Intjaar Pyaar Ka/इंतजार प्यार का (Hindi Edition) by [Anand, Vishal]


A collection of romantic tales ranging from married couples to teenage love. Tales that will make you nostalgic, that will recount your story, that will stun you and those, that will take you to your best memories. Guiding these tales are a diverse gathering of characters extending from a teenager who fall in love easily to a matured couple who struggle in their love. ‘Intjaar Pyaar Ka’ as the name suggests will take you on a passionate journey between love and marriage.



There is just something about the language that has its own simplicity and beauty which elevates the literature to another level. This book consists of three stories which is based over love, relationships and so much innocence in them. The three stories are beautiful and different from each one. The first story is so beautifully put up and something that most of the relations go through. The second one I was somewhat confused with the story but was penned nicely. The third story is also beautiful. I really liked the way the stories are put up in a smooth and simple manner which so many sentences which one will definitely relate too. The cover is also simple showing the bliss of love and then it’s a short read which will refresh you and make you crave back into memories.
The title is also all about love how being in love makes you wait for it and most of us are.

Overall 4/5.

After Annihilation: Would you want to survive? by Gauri Mittal



After Annihilation: Would you want to survive? by [Mittal, Gauri]





A thrilling science fiction, mixed with romance and a fast-paced plot.

The year is 2034.
Madhavi is one among group of five friends, fresh out of engineering college, who land jobs in different cities of Iddis. But before their lives can take off, war comes. In a series of sudden, blinding flashes of light, millions of lives are lost, incinerated in the fiery heat of a nuclear exchange that threatens to end the human race forever.
At first, it seems Madhavi is the only one left alive in a world that has been devastated by global conflict. With nuclear fallout set to eliminate any survivors, finding sanctuary seems impossible, until she is rescued to Shunya, where begins a life she never wanted to live.
A post-apocalyptic novel and a war and survival fiction.

About the author:

Gauri Mittal is a doctor. She belongs to Dehradun, India, having completed her education and medical graduation from the city. Currently she is pursuing MD.
She writes fiction, poetry and short stories. She wrote her first novel on wattpad and has since then published the one and others on Amazon.
Her blog:



Starting of with the blurb it makes you want to read as it’s short and crisp. The cover depicts end of the world and nuclear attacks which are happening Varshi. The story starts of with the story of 5 college friends and how life takes a turn for them when they get their placements in Varshi.

I really liked the first half of the book which was described in detail and followed a sequence how it all felt like a dream within few hours everything changed for them. The first few pages where Madhavi gets into a cave and is saved due to the dog. The only survivors left Aarav, Shunya and a few others. It also makes you realise how to save the world now or else it could be our earth in few years. The story follows through and pace keeps variating.

The very vivid and live details of the events really keeps you interested in reading the book. It is a very unique concept which really thrilled me to read. Brilliantly written.

overall 4/5.



I Am Always Here With You by Himanshu Rai




Kartik fell in love with Ashima the very first time he saw her. She was everything he had ever imagined in his dream girl – his angel. As their friendship blossomed into deep love, culminating into marriage, he became her teddy, her confidant and an eternal support. But in trying to be with her, Kartik made a choice that broke his father’s heart and hopes. As Kartik and Ashima gear up to step into the next Phase of their relationship, life seems like an overload of joy and love. He is confident his love for Ashima will win over all odds, even his father. Little did he know that things were going to change drastically, forever. Why does Ashima marry someone else? Why does Kartik accept it silently? And why is life so unpredictable? This is a story of deep love that knows no bounds, relationships that break all barriers, and a promise – I am always here with you.



The cover is really romantic unraveling a sweet love story along with the really mellifluous title as well. The story starts with Kartik and Ashima’s school story how they fall in love and even have a married life but as always once cannot always please everyone. His father is really agitated after he is marred and starts to maintain distance. While ashima and Kartik really go along well together and also are about to have a child Tragedy never has to leave space in amidst everything. Kartik is gone forever and so are their dreams for the happy married life and forever.

The letters left by Kartik is all that Ashima clings on to till the end. Keeps re-reading them as if Kartik is still around and having them looked by.

What you will really love reading is the letters and how there is a twist in the story also the epilogue will leave you in awe. The last few pages are a emotional ride. I did not like at times the constant to and fro from their childhood to present but an okay read.

A sweet story of love and remembrance.

Overall -3/5

When Blessings Come: Life Becomes Beautiful by Ranjit Arora


Blessings are a wonderful gift from the Almighty which come when you pray with a true heart. This book unravels those moments when such blessings are received and life takes a pleasant turn, resulting in everything falling in place. The book is a collection of short stories from the author’s own life and of his dear ones where the Almighty showered his blessings, thus ending their struggle and gifting beautiful and joyous moments. Although difficult to understand, everybody experiences situations in life when their prayers are answered and tough times in hindsight seem to bring the most positive changes. The author has succinctly narrated how he handled tough situations with courage, conviction, and impressions others left on him that shaped his life. The stories hope to make the readers relive similar experiences from their own lives. Life becomes beautiful when you develop new relationships, turn strangers into friends with a good attitude and empathy, and express gratitude to people who are the harbingers of good tidings and to the Almighty for His blessings, sometimes consciously summoned or naturally received.



Blessings can come in various forms in the smallest of package or something really life changing. This book is a personal book full of incidents that has happened with the author from school-college too even writing the book. Everything can be possible with the help of blessings and realizing those small incidents that take place in one’s life. This book is a collection of happenings from his life into short stories. Every story is from a different time period of his life. The book is kind of a one time read with personal incidents one might relate to. I felt some of the stories in this book very mediocre. The cover goes well with the title but I feel the book could have done better.

A one time read with light stories and incidents that will refresh your memories.

Overall – 3/5.

Walk Out of Your Head : How To Knockout Overthinking & De-clutter The Mind by Haqiqat Ali



Walk Out of Your Head : How To Knockout Overthinking & De-clutter The Mind by [Ali, Haqiqat ]



Let me tell you a thing!
You can stick to alkaline water.
You can hit the gym six days a week, for years.
You can stick to all the veganism in the world.
You can calculate nutrients intake and take supplements for your body.
But if you don’t take care of the chaos going on in your head, you are still unhealthy!
You may be the smartest living animal,< but if you overthink, you will get your mind cluttered.
And if you do not de-clutter it, you will start living in your head, contemplate your thoughts over and over again, and take no decisions, no action!
Don’t do that, be the smartest animal…




The mind is at war almost all of the times. Thinking too much, nothing and suddenly everything may seem to go out of hand in no time. This book is about mental health and how de-cluterring it will help in an enormous load of from the life and make living easy. This book helps you realise that life is not impossible and anything can be done if you set your mind to. It is all about letting your mind sending signals and help you live better. The book has various chapters dealing with steps on how one can de-clutter there are personal incidents given by the author. The cover has a bright and positive effect on the reader. Easy language and a light short read as if you are having a conversation with your friend over coffee. Informative-short and enlightening!

a boost of positivity.

overall -4/5

I am a home to butterflies by J. Alchem (Poetry)

I am a home to butterflies by [Alchem, J.]



A captain sinks with his ship
then why cannot a lover?

This collection of poetry is all about you and me, but I am afraid it will no longer be about ‘you and me’ once a reader picks it up. It will then be about them only.

It will be all about the one they loved like thunder, about the one they struggled hard to keep, who had left them in the middle of their ‘forever’, about their world shattering into pieces, about them gluing together every piece, and about them falling in love one more time.

And if you still think it is about you and me, you haven’t loved someone like thunder, yet.



Finished off the book within an hour oh my what a tremendous book it is! Having read other books by the author this book was also very much awaited and I could not wait to dig in! Basically the book is a collection of poems, quotes and in the end few letters. The book felt like going through someone’s pain along with them. Every quote and poem has a different perspective. And I’m sure more than most of the incidents one has definitely gone through in there life time. The book majorly is themed on love. Unrequited love. Half love. One sided love. And for the longing of being loved by self or looking back for the lost lover. The book has different variety. What I really enjoyed is the softness and so many feelings every poem/ quote arises I really loved the title as well. The cover could have been different but together as a book it works really well. So many quotes will punch you in the gut. This book feels like you’re soaking into emotions and finally letting out all that you once felt. The book also feels really personal. The doodles/ drawing also add up to the whole book!
Definitely to be read if you don’t want to miss an emotional rollercoaster.
Overall -3.5/5