And So Can You! – by Dr Roopleen





“””And So Can You!”” is a collection of 17 inspirational success stories of doctors who struggled with challenges, braved obstacles, and made it through because they believed they had a dream to fulfil and a mission to accomplish. The stories behind the lives of these successful doctors. The journeys they embarked on. The guiding factors that drove them along the long and arduous journey. What motivated them to work hard and how they made it despite facing numerous challenges. These are the stories of dedication and perseverance. A journey of self – belief and faith, of hard work and commitment. The book unravels the secrets – why these doctors are where they are today. How they succeeded in accomplishing their life goals. ”



If you are someone who is already in medical college or preparing to study for medical or just even need a boost to know that you should keep going this book is something you should read.

Starting off with the cover it is simple yet creates curiosity with what does it contain, which doctors and what all much relatable stories you will get to read. The title really goes along with the books content. The blurb makes it clear with the content of the book.

The book has real life stories of 17 doctors who have made it through all the hardwork and patience in their respective fields and are still making changes even now.

Me being a medical student this book helped me in a moral boost to know things will go right and that I need to keep going.

The book is well written and easy to understand. The stories are really relatable. Every end of one’s journey has some giveaways by the author which will keep you inspired. The stories are mostly from ophthalmologists and some from the other fields of medicine too. The book naturally flows with their life ,childhood and journey as a doctor what obstacles they have had.

You will feel motivated by the time you finish this book. You will definitely have some give aways that you will and can carry to make it through your college, private practice or even your day. AND SO CAN YOU GET THROUGH AND BECOME AN AMAZING DOCTOR.

will recommend this to other readers as well.



And We Walked Away by Subrat Saurabh




A heartwarming tale of love and friendship” ~ Shuchi Singh Kalra

And We Walked Away revolves around the friendship of three friends in college, with a love story blooming in their hearts. It connects to the kind of boys who are in love and keep trying to convince the same girl in different ways for a long time, not moving on in life. Also, it talks about the kind of girls who don’t believe in love but also, don’t want to take advantage of a boy’s feelings. The girls who are not conservative but don’t want to pursue love.

Abhimanyu, a well-known author returns to his engineering college in Bangalore after a decade and notices a lot of changes in the college over this period. It reminds him of how he met his ladylove, Naina on the first day of college and fell in love with her at the first sight. Abhimanyu, being an impulsive, stubborn and impatient guy decides to propose her in a rush. She doesn’t believe in love and has her own reasons for it. Abhimanyu with the help of his friends Aarush and Dev proposes and tries to convince Naina many times in unusual ways but he fails miserably. However, a trick helps to melt her heart, but destiny has a different plan.



Recieved it well within time and was nearly packed. The cover is simple and soothing of a natural love story that keeps flowing. The blurb is simple and does not give away much of the story. The title is intriguing making you think what could be the possible twists and turns that could happen. The title gives a nostalgic effect to the book. The story is a simple one where as it shows the love story entangled during college times. Wanting more out of love and surviving the college drama. The story felt a bit unclear. The story holds you in the start but through the end the story was really predictable and lost it charm. The language is simple and easy to understand. The hindi poems in between really increase the beauty of explaining what might be going through the character’s head through all the turmoil. The story is based on college romance. And how one needs to walk away somehow at times when you’re not really needed like you should be. Abhimanyu has always been in love with Naina and does everything to prove it to her. But she has her own problems and cannot come through it. Will they fall in love ? Will they have a happy ending? I felt the characters could have been described more and the plot could have some more twists to keep the readers glued. A simple one time read as for me.
Overall -3/5.

Love.exe: A Sweet Romantic Comedy Making You Fall in Love by Manju Nambiar


Love.exe: A Sweet Romantic Comedy Making You Fall in Love by [Nambiar, Manju]



This book is for the romantic dreamy souls out there, looking to escape to their own magic land, away from the humdrum.

Witten in a humorous manner, this enchanting sweet story is sure to leave a lasting smile on your face. But do keep a pack of tissue to wipe away your tears in one of those emotional lovely moments. The story reinforces love and trust in you and celebrates the love between parents and child, lovers, and family.

The novel revolves around Nitya, a young bright girl from Kerala, India. She is a go-getter and is all set to do her masters in one of the best universities in the world in the USA. Her life revolves around her parents, relatives, friends, who try to make her world safe much to her reluctance.

All her plans go haywire, when he enters into her life with a bang. He is a charmer, a perfect gentleman with a helping hand. She finds herself smitten and is unable to hold on to her agenda. For once, she just let it be and falls in love, only to realize that there is no undo button.

A beautiful love story follows taking the readers for a roller coaster ride through a series of twists and turns, emotions, suspense and laugh.

This coming of age, beautiful tale of love, relationships and dreams is sure to prick your soul, bring a smile on to you, and tear up your eyes.



Love exe. Is a simple yet beautifully woven plot. As they say beauty lies in simplicity. This book will win your heart with its simplicity all over again and again. Based on a old school thought. Where niyati gets a scholarship for her master’s and plans to move. Parents peer pressure makes her choose one of the things. Both of them share a lovely relationship and they help you connect back to the simple love without mentioning any love scenes. Parts where they are just enjoying the company of each other. The language is easy to understand and the author has done a brilliant job in creating emotions and taking you along with the story. It is a lengthy read . Love. Friendship. Family. All of the things that come in reality has been explained well. The cover could have been better designed. It’s a lovely book to fall back into love again.
Over-all -4/5


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Call me Saaya by Zoe M.



Call me Saaya by [M, Zoe]



Shamsher Singh Rathore has it all. A job he loves and a life he lives every moment. Until an untimely call from home embroils him with a woman called Saaya who proceeds to turn his orderly world upside down!

The only interest Sayana Singh Rajput had in him was the prized Sheesh Haveli. She had never believed in love until destiny threw her this impossible challenge.

What do you do when all that you believed in turns out to be a lie?

Will Shamsher be able to save his world?

Will Sayana believe in love or will she allow avarice ruin it all?

What about Saaya?

What happens when desire meets destiny?

Set in idyllic Rajasthan, Call me Saaya is the story of two souls in pursuit for true love while destiny has other plans for them



Call me Saaya is an extravagant book with twists and a beautiful story. the cover is simple but not that relevant to the story. The characters have been well explained. The themes covered is love and revenge. It is a story which will make you feel like oh no this should not have happened. They totally belong with each other. What you will really like is the way the streets and the street foods have been described in the book which will make you go hungry at times. Samsher and sayana share a love hate relationship. Samsher is here in the city to get back revenge and I will not leak the plot for that you will have to read. The vocabulary is really good. Easy to understand along with many new words to learn too. Really love it how the author went a little further to create a new atmosphere and story altogether rather than the usual ones. The book will make you learn quite a few things. It is bit of a lengthy read but is a page turner. Hinglish is also use in the book. Overall I really liked reading the book and would totally recommend you this book! The author has done an amazing job trying to explain and create imagery in your head.

From Emptiness to Happiness by Dr Sandhya Mohan





FROM EMPTINESS TO HAPPINESS, Anaesthetising Negative Emotions is the story of a fiercely independent, young Anaesthesiologist Dr Riya. Riya is an emotional person; every emotion she experiences is deep and intense. After a tragic incident she relocates to Mangalore to start afresh. Riya meets Dr Samith a general surgeon in the operating room and develops an instant liking for him. She discovers that they have a common friend, someone who played an important role in her life before relocating to Mangalore, someone she never wanted to remember. Samith is a simple guy from a conservative family. Even though Samith didn’t approve of Riya’s past, he loved having her around. Riya had mental health issues to deal with, she had to gain control over her intense emotions and get her life back on track. She is aware that history could repeat and there could be fatal ramifications if things didn’t end well with Samith. She decides to give it a chance as her gut feeling told her that Samith loved her. Will they end up together? Will history repeat? Let us find out.

Dr Sandhya Mohan is an Anaesthesiologist from Mangalore. Her father Late M C Mohanan was an advocate and mother Rema Mohan a homemaker. After MBBS from K S Hegde Medical Academy, Mangalore, she worked for two years as a casualty Medical Officer in Kerala. She moved to Surat to pursue MD in Anaesthesiology. She is a Gold Medallist in Anaesthesiology from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat. She is working as Assistant Professor in a Medical College in Kerala. Her hobbies include cooking, reading and dance. She is also a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. “FROM EMPTINESS TO HAPPINESS, ANAESTHETISING NEGATIVE EMOTIONS” is her debut novel, it is an attempt to create awareness about mental health issues.



The delivery was prompt and the package was neat. Starting off with the cover it shows a one ride that life is and the hand holding is showing up a romantic story brewing up. The blurb gives you the gist about the book. Dr. Riya is the protagonist of the story and the story revolves around her life and love life.  Most of the talks here are about hospital. The story was a bit themed about mental health but mostly about needing someone in this walk called as life. The story follows a simple format and plot. No twists in the plot are there it is a simple story. The language is easy but medical terms might be confusing for a few people to read. The first half could have been compiled much more short. It felt like an on and off love life and the busy schedule that is being followed by. The little chats and 21st century references are relatable. The title could have been different. The ending was predictable.

The author has written a simple and sweet story good for a one time read.


RUNAWAY by Proteem Bhaduri




Indraneel ‘Neel’ Ray is an ex-advertising man who has recently bid farewell to his successful career to embark on a writing journey. One morning he is seen on the streets of New Delhi, disheveled, nursing a huge hangover, and with no memory of what transpired the night before. Soon he is wanted by police for allegedly killing the son of a prominent politician. He himself doesn’t remember killing anyone and can’t think of any reason why he would have. His friends have deserted him and the only person he can turn to for help is his ex-girlfriend. All Neel has going for him is his dogged instinct for self-preservation and a devilish streak of good luck that aids him in rather unexpected ways. Runaway is a fast-paced tale of Neel’s frantic attempts to stay ahead of his pursuers, to uncover what really happened on that fateful night, to establish his innocence, and to stay alive while doing all of that.



This book is a debut by the author but the way it has been written and the twists have been given really takes the reader by toll. Starting off with the cover it suits well with the story that follows and is creative with the title. The concept of the story is really interesting giving it a new twist. Each line has been written meticulously. The language is easy to learn and you will learn new words as well along the way. The protagonist does not remember anything and he keeps moving from here to there while in the parallel police is finding for him.

All of it is related. Sometimes a few things seemed a little stretched but it is a good read giving you more room for imagination. The pace is medium of the story. It is a good thriller book with a fresh idea and plot put up. The author has done a good job with the research and reaching to the depths of the characters. All the elements needed have been kept well by the author.

a decent read.




The Ray of Asha by Jisha Rajesh


The Ray of Asha by [Rajesh, Jisha]




A young journalist Gayatri Chaturvedi, was assigned to interview a spiritualist who was the talk of the town for his unique healing powers. Initially, she takes him for a fraud but as the interview proceeds, she realizes that he has a deep knowledge of medicine. Smitten by the charms of his looks and fascinated by his intriguing personality, she decides to probe into his past. Her investigation leads her to that era of his life when he was a post-graduate student of medicine. Right at the time when he was about to propose to his lady-love, his life turns upside down and he finds himself accused of the murder of a fellow student. The story unfolds as Gayatri seeks answers to the questions that keep reverberating in her mind. What has made the boy who has a heart of gold, commit a crime as heinous as murder? Is he really guilty or was he trapped? A story of indomitable courage, selfless love and ardent friendship will reaffirm your faith in the power of hope.

A few quotations from the book –

“Saying a prayer is like sharing your sorrows with a best friend.”

“Life can change from a bed of roses to a scorching desert within a blink of an eye.”

“I couldn’t find any rational explanation for the strange turbulence of emotions that builds up inside me like a whirlpool whenever she crosses my visual field.”

“How could a complete stranger invade our psychic system and gain control over us so much that we seem to lose ourselves to them?”

“Within a fraction of a second, our eyes exchanged millions of unspoken words with each other. And then her face faded in the far horizon as the speeding jeep parted us.”

“The thread of both life and death were intertwined in my current state of existence and I was somewhere in between both.”

“I was floating in a vacuum where there was neither sound to jolt me nor gravity to bound me.”

“The path of evil seems to be attractive and promising but it always ends up in a terrible terminal. On the contrary, the path of righteousness is rough and bumpy but leads to a glorious culmination.”

“I felt as if a stranger has suddenly banged into the privacy of loneliness and carved a niche in my heart.”

“Glooms and glees are nothing but mirages that we have created ourselves in our minds.”

“We are so much concerned about our tomorrows that we even forget to live our todays.”

“Pleasure and pain traverse our lives in vicious circles like day and night.”

“Our birth is the best and the worst thing that has happened to us. It depends on us what we turn our life into.”

“Her voice was as moist with tears as it was scorching with sarcasm.”

“Vigour is the quality of the soul and not of the body. A resilient soul can cherish even in a half-dead body.”

“All our rosy dreams don’t harden into reality but some do melt into tears.”

About the Author –
Jisha Rajesh is a doctor by profession and a writer by passion. She dreams of spreading the message of love, compassion and universal brotherhood through her stories. She was a winner of various literary competitions during her college days. She is an avid reader and music and cooking are her other hobbies. Her stories have been published on StoryMirror, Muse India and Indus woman writing.



The cover shows of a stethoscope depicting life and death. cover is simple and hopeful. Blurb is crisp .The story follows a smooth narration. The language is easy to understand. The way the author has put up imagery is really beautiful. The topics which are covered is medical as well as spritualism.  A alot about psychology will also be learnt in this. It is such a pure read which will take you to yourself and stir alot of emotions. We all are in dire need of hope and this book just guides you through and help you understand how much hope is what we need.

You can see in the blurb alot of relatable quotes are given which all of us have felt it once or gone through atleast once. These quotes also help us things better and gives us hope too.

Never to giveup in the toughest of times has been given in these pages. This book is bound to leave an impact on you and drive back the potential one has to the maximum.

Overall -4/5.