Lousfa’s Organic face pack for Soft and Whitening Neem Powder | Multani Meeti | Sandalwood powder Best for oily skin (100gm)






  • A Quick Mask with this nubbly cleanser leaves skin calm, bright,balanced,soft and smooth, because it’s so gentle,It can be easily applied by anyone
  • Powder of pure natural sandal wood which makes skin smooth
  • clears acne & dark Pigmentation Neem Begin an antibacterial herb kills germs and bacteria from skin glow.
  • 100% organic with anti tan properties
  • Sensitive,dry or irritated faces will love this yummy mask for it’s blend of soothing sandalwood




Lousfa organic mud Mask was early to arrive as per scheduled. The packaging was neat, no leaking of the product was seen. Nicely extra taped to proof it from scattering. To save you from the chemicals and as most of us are going towards using chemical free organic products, this face mask is an amazing option. The powder is made up of sandalwood which is the key ingredient and also tops the fragrance of the pack. Neem is also an ingredient which gives us the texture and the colour of the pack.
The powder is in green-yellowish in colour.. Directions are easy to use but might get tricky in the first few times to use so as to get the ratio right. You can clearly see the powder is natural and has no added chemicals at all.
After my first use : skin had a glow, became more soft and clear. Though I felt my skin got a little dry but it could have been as it is in powder form. As per the price the quantity is really great. Skin becomes oil and dust free. It gives you a natural feel. No irritation on the skin was also felt. I liked using it and would definitely suggest you to go for it!

As for the first time using a new brand product it is totally what it says and gives the effect.
Overall -4/5