Indulging innocently in primeval adultery and consummate sensuality, the rustic population of Kotta, sandwiched between ancient hills and enchanting backwaters, perpetually trapped in the cinematic illusions of Sreedevi Talkies; their transition to modernity was replete with disillusionments and disasters. In a saga replete with archetypal and mythical lore from Ulysses, Tiresias, Jesus Christ, Ancient Mariner and Kerala’s historical tryst with Communism — the novel is a lyrical journey into borderless territories of the unconscious, when ghosts let out by the Talkies endlessly ensnare the rustics on the slippery paths between reality and fantasy

The name is really rustic and gives a feel of nostalgia about sreedevi. The cover feels like a movie poster from the early 90’s. The story is about various people from Kota. The language is a bit tough you might have to use the dictionary every once in a while. Where as the book is also a long read but definitely worth the time. The characterization by the author is really on point as well. It’s a book holding on so many thoughts and perspectives.






It is a light read on poems ranging on various topics from God to life, war and feelings. Alot of poems are on depression as well. All the poems are put up on black and white themed pictures which really give the whole book a different aesthetic appeal. The poems are simple and easy to understand.

One poem stayed with me which goes about like all the dreams and now are gone by the dawn.

It is a short read and helps you channelize or connect to the thoughts of the author well too.

The cover is a wall from Prague. Loved the combination of Pictures and poems. Wish all of them had one alignment so that readers didn’t have to turn the phone or something but then I guess that’s the fun which is included.