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Satrangi Syaahi (Hindi Poetry) by Surendra Kumar Gupta, Neha Jindal.




As the rainbow deck up the sky with its beautiful mesmerizing colours, in the same way a human heart is an enchanting canvas of colourful emotions. The stark red paints love and passion, blue the gloom, the bubbly pink immerses you in the carefree memories of childhood and white depicts the gravity of mood. Satrangi Syaahi is one such collection of beautiful Hindi poetry that captures vivid emotions of human heart and takes you on a beautiful journey, Life. This collection of poetry is a reflection of emotions of two authors Surendra Kumar Gupta and his daughter, Neha Jindal (author of Phases of Moon). Experience the colours of life through this emotional web of words.


Satrangi syahi is a collection of poems from different themes weaved into one book of revelation. Co-authored by two people some poems are by one and then the other. The title is okay as per the content of the book. Cover is colourful and composed. The blurb doesn’t give much about what the book contains or what kind of poem. I thought the book will be random poems from different walks of life but then it consists of sections such as vyang,Bundelkhand ke Gaurav,deshprem,bhavbhini and chanikaaye. The book has 53 poems. They vary in length some being 4-5 lines and some extending more. Some poems in the book really spoke to me. I wasn’t expecting Patriotic poems in the book but they were written pretty good as well. Keen observations and feelings that we go through have been put up in the poems. Some poems will exactly be like how you perceive upon a topic. A good book but I was expecting more. A short read but will definitely refreshen you up.
Overall -3/5

Voice of the soul by Shreyans Kanswa(Poetry)



How does it feel to lie just by yourself and delve into the silence. The silence that is a path to deeper self, a self that is unexplored. That same unexplored self can also be regarded as the soul.

While the time ticks on the clock, a bond with your soul is timeless. Such metaphors are rendered powerless when a conversation is created with oneself.

These poems mean more than just words, they scream soulfulness. It is rather weird that we go looking for answers outside when all that we have to do is seek deeper within ourselves. The poems are experiences that the poet shares with the world, and these experiences are nothing fancy- they are all moments that the poet experiences with himself. They are questions risen from inquisitiveness and introspection.



The cover is a beautiful depicting so much about oneself. The poems range from variety walks of life. The poems are written poignantly trying to get the essence of life and nature together. Alot of new words you will get to learn. The title is what really makes it all the more beautiful. How a soul has so much within that we could envelope it into such little words and feelings. Theme of the poems vary accordingly from love to nature. The poems are really relatable to everyone we might have felt so one time or the other.

The imagery formed by every poem takes you through different emotions and in sets where you keep wondering.
Overall a beautiful book of poems giving more insight to oneself and to life.


Small is Big – Volume 2: A collection of 100 more micro tales by Rafaa Dalvi



Small is Big - Volume 2: A collection of 100 more micro tales (Small is Big 2) by [Dalvi, Rafaa]




With Small is Big – Volume 1Rafaa Dalvi is back with Small is Big – Volume 2 and he has created a potpourri of 100 more micro talesthat will provide you a rich experience and the best part is that there’s a story for everyone, including YOU!

If you’re a romantic at heart, this micro tale is for you-
How frail are our hearts and bodies to be stirred up by one glass, one glance, one smile, one voice and one touch.

If you ever had a tough time fitting in, this micro tale is for you-
I saw a girl reading a book titled “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”
So I bought a telescope to find which planet I was from.

And if you like thrillers, this micro tale is for you-
She bid farewell to her sister and left the graveyard, holding the hand of her brother-in-law.
Identity theft was child’s play for twins.

In fact, there are 100 such small tales that will have a big impact on you.
So what are you waiting for? Scroll to the top of this page, buy the book and start reading today.



Rafaa Dalvi is a vibrant mess of innumerable thoughts, quotes and movie dialogues, who tries to escape from the mundane with words and contemplates about befriending the voices in his head. He dreams about changing the world, one smile at a time.
Already published numerous times, his stories can be read in the anthologies – Curtain Call (editor), Kaleidoscope, Myriad Tales, and many more. He has written two volumes of ‘Small is Big’, which is a collection of 100 micro tales. He’s the recipient of Indian Bloggers League Booker Prize 2013 and a Select Writer at Terribly Tiny Tales.


Small is big has two microtale collections. I’m sure the first one is as amazing as this one! The cover depicts the title. The cover seems simple yet could have been much better. The title is really apt for this little amazing collection which leaves you wanting for more tales. This book is definitely a short read but has such a huge impact over your emotions. One minute reading a tale you could be happy other tale could make you sad. This book is a rollercoaster of emotions and all the voids inside of us. What I really like is the way all the keen observation of the author has been put up into tales. All the things that constantly keep happening around us most of it has been put up into microtales. I really liked how a few microtales felt like poems. So many of these microtales will make you content-sad-questioning yourself. So many of these tales have more than two meanings to it. This book might be consisting of microtales but definitely more than 100 stories in it. The tales range from love to 21st century cliches and all the daily chores that take place. I really love how this book is a mixture of all the things we feel! I really enjoyed reading this book! This book is so relatable and deals with so many topics at once! You should definitely grab your copy right now tooo!

Overall -4/5.


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Minuscules : when less is more by Priyanka Bhatt



blurb :

When I asked him to be the poetry I could write about,

he kissed me softly and left.

Since then, my words have been oozing pain.

Today’s instant make-up, instant break-up generation have no time to spare time at all. They prefer enjoying eternity in moments to waiting eternally for that moment. Hence, these micro tales have become the latest fad.

Minuscules is a collection of unique micro tales and short stories that are spread over various themes. From horror to social issues to romance, these tales leave no topic unwritten about, no emotion unexplored. Though told with brevity, the impact of these stories can be more lingering than that of novels. To-the-point, poignant, relatable – this micro fiction book can be read by anyone in today’s time – a teenager and an adult alike. Its varied range of themes is the cherry on the cake.

Minuscules is a book that is sure to bring a smile to your face and tears to your eyes – and stay with you for a very long time.

May the stories make a home in your heart!

Don’t leave me the way you leave others.

Some things are permanent indeed.

Like love, like regret.

And trust me homey,

I’ll be your both.



Review :

Let’s begin with the cover it is simple and really poigant denoting love and stirs in something of nostalgia within us. Black and red colour are always a win win!The title really goes hand in hand with the content as it is all about small poems/quotes/stories which will leave you to think.

I really loved the essays in the book as well. A short read with so many topics to think about and know. You will definitely enjoy the macro stories as with in ttt tales. The way the author has put it is brilliant.

a different book to help you feel light during the day. A book which might have all the thoughts you might be thinking.

The book helps you realise alot of mental health, love, sacrifice and so much more. The author could make you feel and that is all that is needed by the reader. I enjoyed reading it and reminise alot of memories. I guess you will too!

overall -4/5


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WE CAN, WE WILL, WE MUST – A story of love & inspiration to win life when it hits you hard by Saranya Umakanthan.




“Just as an eagle needs a push to soar into the sky, she needs a gentle nudge to achieve her dreams. And if she falls, he will be there to catch her, lift her, and push her again until she flies to stars…”

Love…does it mean going around the trees in Switzerland, singing tra-la-la-la in the snow? Is it chanting “I love you” mantra a thousand times a day? Is it about gifting teddies and roses to your partner? Or is it bombarding each other with a thousand and one pings in Messenger from morning till night? Life batters Samaira. Stuck to these clichés, she loses everything…her love, parents, and wealth. Hopeless, she collides against the dynamic boss of Creative Tanks (CT), Vivian, who basically holds great contempt for losers. He aims to be the top entrepreneur in India, whereas Samaira has not even a notion of her dreams. Fate plays its own game when she goes in search of work, where she encounters him again. An air of mystery surrounds her, which tugs at him. Despite being opposites, sparks fly, and they are attracted. Vivian is perfect, but she vows that she will never fall in love again. He reaches a point where he would do just about anything to bring back the smile on her face. The chase begins. She keeps running away…from love, hope, and aspirations, and he keeps trying to bring her back on track. Thus their journey begins from the end, with oodles of inspiration and love… Vivian breaks Samaira’s shell and guides her into pursuing her broken dreams. He promises that he will be there for her if life pulls her down and hold her tight when she needs support. Together, they vow to each other, “We can. We will. We must.” But when Vivian tumbles and it is Samaira’s turn to break his fall, will she catch him? Walking on the arduous path of life, will they climb the ladder of success together or crash and burn? Can love be enough of a catalyst to attain their dreams? And now life threatened not to throw just lemons but huge melons…



Just finished reading this book a while back and it left me thinking about life how unpredictable it is and works in it’s mysterious ways. I was wondering how the author had put up so many incidents from Samaira’s and Vivians life.

It feels like day to day life consisting of so many problems on a personal level. This book has so many elements to it romance, forgiveness, new start and above all hope that engages us to deal with today more over now. Having read so many mooshy romantic books this one is also amongst them with the happy ending but with twists. The distance between the two lovers makes the love more worthwhile. The story starts with everything being lost and in the end everything falling together. Each chapter begins with motivational quotes which adds to the story.

I always love these galaxy covers. The title depicts hope and togetherness.  A simple story with twists. A one time read. The author carries the readers along. The way every incident has been described also increases the connection in the story.

overall -3.5/5

In Conversation with Author of Page 6 and beyond :Hureen Gandhi.

About the book :


Blurb :

In modern day America, amidst the contentious presidential election campaign of November 2016, immigrant author Hureen Saghar Gandhi finds that humor is the only way to keep her family and her friends’ spirits high. Living a fast and furious life in Northern Virginia, surrounded by quirky characters, she decides she has no choice but to weave them into her satirical anecdotes in her book: Page 6 And Beyond. This book will have you laughing out loud as she embarks on a spy mission to: bond with long-lost childhood school friends on a sensational WhatsApp column; fulfill her bucket lists; chronicle encounters with her kids, and challengers; relate her childhood escapades; relive her misadventures in the Nordic region; and supply readers with extraordinary stories of her friends living in different continents.

About the Author

Hureen Saghar Gandhi lives with her husband and their two wonderful daughters in Northern Virginia. She savors her ever-growing collection of memories from her travel escapades and meeting people from all around the world. Her passion lies in capturing the moments (that may get lost in time) through her camera lens. And recently through her writing, she humorously brings to life her fond memories

While conversing we found out a little more about the book.

1)The blurb makes us all curious. Can you tell us a little more about the book what does it include?

The underlying theme of the book is to enjoy living each and every moment in life while keeping one’s sense of humor. The book has me a first-generation immigrant resident of the United States living an ordinary suburban life with my family. In my daily life, I come across various characters with their idiosyncrasies. The book is about how I embrace each of these characters. The dominant framework is my school’s WhatsApp group where my classmate’s unbeknownst to them have become the source of my inspiration for many of the sensational stories.


2)How did you start writing? What does it mean to you?

My funny bone triggered when I had my first born 12 years back, and I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. My writing skills, however, was a discovery. I stumbled upon it only a couple of years ago when I started to write a humorous column “Page 6” on my school WhatsApp group.

I write to make myself and others laugh. It also helps me self-reflect and muse over my fond memories and experiences.

3)Is this your usual genre to write? What else do you write about? Any new works?

Yes, humor is the only genre I have officially published.

New work- I have some ideas penned down. It will just be a matter of time and the right trigger. 😀

4)Your favorite authors? What are you currently reading?

I enjoy a wide variety of the genres. My favorite author is Dan Brown. Amongst humor authors, I loved Twinkle Khanna’s Mrs. Funnybone. I borrowed the framework of my book from hers, and am thankful to her to inspire many of my personal accounts that have made it to my book. I also enjoy Anuja Chauhan’s sense of humor.

I am currently reading three books depending on my mood and my geographical location. At home I am reading Jeffrey Archer’s “Tell Tale,” and Rhonda Byrne’s “How Secret Changed My Life,” while in between waiting for my girl’s after-school activities to get over, I am reading kindle version of Anuja Chauhan’s “The Zoya Factor.”

5) Any tips for our writers and readers?

You are never too old to pursue your dreams. Don’t let age and experience stop you from doing anything you wish to do in your life. It’s passion, hard work, and perseverance that will lead you where you want to see yourself.

Tip for writers – Make your first draft free-flowing, unobstructed, devoid of any self-criticism.

Tip for readers – Page 6 And Beyond is a light read. Although the events in the book are connected, you can still open any chapter of the book and read it on its own. In addition, watch out for the intricate illustrations done to support the narration. To understand some of them, you have to read the complete chapter and come back again to admire the idea and work done in illustrations.

                                                      buy the book from here.                                                        

In conversation with the multifarious genre author : Pradipta Panda and his new book. Throne of needles.


About the book

Politics is a war on an everyday basis. No one knows what will happen in the next moment, who will lose is uncertain, today’s hero may be found villain tomorrow. However, everyone proclaims himself a winner in politics; everyone lives his or her pound of life with dignity irrespective of his or her achievement towards nation building.

The fable of Rama Rajya that is in every Indian mind is not only about building a Madir or Masjid. Then what was that Rama Rajya? No one has ever seen it. Only a presumption, assumption and imaginary world revolves in every Indian mind, where the outcome is a life of love, passion, growth, fearless life, and most importantly, a prosperous kingdom, where justice prevails, is executed promptly and is the same for all.

The past has gone. But how would you like to see your country and yourself after ten years, twenty years or thereafter? What we have been practicing until now is a company rule termed ‘democracy’.The people’s democracy has not yet come.

Find out how the new India with political entrepreneurship will be. How the so-called Rama Rajya would be. The twist in this tale is who killed the Prime Minister when everything was going fine.


About the Author

Pradipta Panda was born in 1976. He is an author, thinker and entrepreneur who simply portrays lively characters among us in the story. His previous successes are Under One Roof, In God’s Wishlist and CoWife.

He did his post-graduation in Journalism and MBA in HR. He currently works in Bank of India. Your valuable comments will certainly help the think tank to tell the tales of more lively characters among us.Feel free to write him at




1) As you are an author with multiple genres. What thought process did you go through for this book?
Entrepreneurship has been great success in all sectors but not yet applied in politics. This is the approach of entrepreneurship in Indian politics.

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