BOOK REVIEW-in love and free by jagdish joghee



SHRUTHI-  the main lead* trumpets*

MADHAN- shruthis husband( the dreamy husband)

RAHUL- the cheatercoke.

MEERA- shruthis best friend and rahuls wife.

DEEPA- cheatercokes love.

rainy day and a good book, can make your day!

this book is about a women shruthi and her story where her mind plays games with for her false interpretation of fulfillment. how she simultaneously falls in love with two men at the same time one being her husband and other being one of her close friend’s (meera’s husband(even after being married, what is happening next ikr!)

this story takes various twist and turns leaving you reading the next page to know what will fall into place,or out of our demons for a short amount of time forgets the circumstances that may lead forward and makes us fall into situations that only makes you hate yourself.

one night of a desire turns into disaster for shruthi. little did she know the person who she was cheating her perfect little happy life was about to become one of her nightmares that will haunt her for ever.due to the there is a saying there is no control over greed of a humans need it is like fire. her family and her husband is at stake now. she cheats madhan with rahul. after a while she gets to know about rahuls truth, all for he was with her for money. and he had being cheating her for deepa.shruthi feels she feels life slaps her to the floor and she wont recover again. slowly it unravels how she loses everything at one point of time. and after she refuses for ransom and the day she confronts rahul and deepa for the last time. what happens next will give you goosebumps!

        HIGHLIGHTS –

  • this book has romance, drama and suspense to it!
  • a mellifluous flow of words.
  • great plot
  • deep cover.
  • easy-going story,no stretching.
  • a sea of human emotions being felt.i really liked how the dark side of human nature is being showed her beautifully and also alerting at the same time.
  • a happy ending yay!


  • some  errors in the book.( i think that’s it) 🙂





you might have read secret by Rhonda bryne and the monk who sold his Ferrari? you surely must have felt a boost to get up and do something with your life. something that makes you go crazy and live up to life.

that is what this book is about too, but with a twist and authors personal touch. so much about our core values that should not be shaken, no matter what hope, patience, hard work and believing in time and in yourself. no matter what happens! you know how it goes about waiting for books it is an amazing feeling. as soon as i got the book, i got a happy vibe from the cover itself and was waiting to dig into the book! the cover is very significant rising like a phoenix, no matter from the fall. it is a book that is like a dictionary, or return for help book.not forgetting to mention i read it in a day itself also telling my other friends to read it who don’t read at all! and damn they loved it too! see/ magic!

one part of the book consists of stories which describes the life in colours blue, grey and other colours. isn’t it true all our life is like the sky, changing colours. blending and blooming.
this book is divided into two beautiful sections which consist of a part of short stories and one where there are daily motivation and the “to do” for our lack of motivation
and theories pushing us to get-up and go save the day for us.
as the name suggests, it helps in building your life. in steps where we forget there is a deeper meaning to life. the author successfully pins us those moments.

this book is so good that you will finish reading it up.
the words have a mellifluous flow to it. of how one should train themselves for the good and bad that life throws to us.this book is a special self-help book.i read it in the train, where i was contemplating about life and other questions that strike me while travelling and looking at the nature.
the author has her way to out up her message . as per her stories and motivations also gives us a way into her mind, and of thoughts which we don’t pay attention.i really like the authors saying keep living,keep smiling, keep shining. and how it is put up after every chapter.
it is a great read, which will surely boost up your personality and help you through.
i was disappointed where while editing all the care was taken except when instead of through thru was written .this book surely helps in building ourselves.overall it is a good read.

characterization is good. the vocabulary and putting up the right imagery in front of the readers is amazing too.

the book has done a wonderful job, helping me to feel better and fight again.

it will help you too. go read it 🙂 won’t let you down.
so what are you waiting for?
get your dose of positivity!







It is a beautiful collection of 15 heartfelt short stories. As soon as I started reading the book I was enchanted to the book, I would wait for free time to read it again.
Each story is poignantly written, with word’s that put you into the stories and makes you feel everything the character feels. the cover could have been better, but overall it is a result of hardwork 🙂
narration is good 🙂
it is a book i will return back for inspiration.
Word’s usage is Amazing. It consists of all the hope and light one needs when in despairs. All the push one needs when bones start to disorganise into ashes.

Stories give you morals that life is an experience and it never really is the end. You have to get up and fight back as slowly you can.
‘Wok’ and ‘ Sealed wish’ were my favourite.
At times I felt the concept of one’s family head being dead is constantly repeated but it somehow managed to deliver different messages in every other story.
Every story is another milestone you learn more about life and it’s turns and how people survive.

It is inspiring book, needed whenever you’re low on motivation.
Overall the author has done a great job.


ratings- 4/5