I Shouldn’t Have Died Like This – by Ashutosh Srivastava




Dreams… We thank God, after we wake up from a nightmare. And we are also the one, who curse God after we wake up from a dream in which we had all the luxuries of the world, or in which we had achieved what we really wanted to. Smile or grief comes to us, when we wake up from the dream, but when we are asleep, we live in the dream, as we are… Dreams take us to a land filled with imagination; imagination which is by our conscious and subconscious mind. Name, Fame, Money, Honey… that’s it. That’s all we want! Isn’t it? What if you die in your dream? What if you didn’t go to hell or to heaven, because when your deeds got tallied, you didn’t fit in, for any of them? What if you attain enlightment in your dream? What then? Nothing! It will also come to an end, just like every other dream does; leaving you behind with just a story… a story, which can teach you something..



The cover is a bit trippy. Showing adventures and misadventures. The blurb is crisp doesn’t give away the story. The title goes along well. The story revolves from the perspective of the person who is dead due to unfortunate events and is living in the afterlife somewhere between dreams. What you will really enjoy is the imagination, naming of the objects (likw ru, shrota) and how different it is than the other usual stories one reads. The language is simple and easy to underdstand. how he meets different people there. What if everything is a dream, what if we could change everything. Language is easy to understand. Plot is something with a really unique twist and has a sequel as well. Really amazing work.

overall -3.5/5.

When Opposites Meet by Sachin Garg





What happens when opposites meet? When two completely different people find themselves drawn to each other? Can they really find happiness together? Can wheelchair-bound Ritwika find a chord that connects her to national-level athlete Chetan? Will Aditi’s irrepressible cheerfulness restart Jayant’s life, put on indefinite pause since his parents’ death? Does Indu, happily divorced, rediscover her faith in love with the reclusive Lokesh? When Opposites Meet is the story of three unlikely couples and the differences between them. It’s the story of love, and the possibility of finding it in the most unlikely of places



Cover depicts it is a love story. The cover is simple. The title really meets all the story that keeps cooking inside the book. Limited characters are there in the book. Each one is different ,each one is beautiful in their own way. The story revolves around love. Characterization could be done better. The chapters leave you confused with the characters in the start clarity comes in soon. The start is really strong, relatable and keeps you hooked to the book.

language is simple and easy to understand. The plot is how opposite souls attract and live in peace later after all the mess settles down. How concidence takes place and life sets up.

Ritwika and chetan keep going away but coming back for each other. They both suffer from a genetic disease and that is what brings them close and fall in love.

Jayant falls for aditi who has a weird obsession with gulping down objects. somehow with how silent he is and aditi being all bubbly. he finds his solace in her.

ritwika and lokesh find their love brewing too.

This book is deifnitely once a read.

overall – 3/5

Keeping up with Kaneda – by Gaurav Kumar





Canada – the land of beautiful lakes, opportunities and umm… scores of desis (aren’t we just everywhere?). What happens when a young man gets a one-way ticket to the hallowed country? When you’re saat samundar paar, even a modest course at a community college becomes a gateway for merriment and learning… of a totally different kind. And so it did, with Gaurav. An Australian flatmate, fellow students from Nigeria and Bangladesh and an employer from Kazakhstan lead him on a journey of epic escapades and much self-discovery. And when you’re looking to earn some pocket money, odd jobs just have to do. From a curious DJing gig that turns out slightly different than expected to becoming a walking salesman clad in a sandwich board, there’s no dearth of drama. Jump right in, for Keeping Up With Kaneda is an adventure in itself.



Starting off with the cover it is really colourful, vibrant and full of life. The title is really funny and apt just in the ways punjabis call canada. The blurb just tells a little about the book.This book is really an amazing read during coffee or travelling. How gaurav has trouble being called properly by his name and all the jobs he had to survive through to become who he is now. The novel is a light read which will definitely cheer you throughout the each chapter which brings in a new person/job in his life. How everyday is an adventure for gaurav in canada ranging from food-friends-job and everyday drama. The book is really witty and full of humour. Provides you with a fresh perspective of an Indian in a foriegn land. This book really keeps you hooked and by the time you realize it is already over. This book feels like a journey.  It feels like the author is along with you and all of the fun is happening right in front of you. The pace gets a little slow in the end. would definitely read this author again.

overall – 4/5

Phases of Moon: A Poetic Journey of a Girl Paperback – by Neha Jindal (poetry)



Every human being has different feelings and emotions at every stage of life, but they are unable to express. This book gives an expression, to various emotions of a human heart. The poetries in this book will echo your heart, and will give words and voice to your emotions. It covers different stages of life starting from teenage to marriage. Hope you love getting drowned in this emotional stream.



cover – enigmatic, simple something dark and sublime.

blurb – gives about the types of poems that are in the book.

The book consists of pictures inside this book accompanying each poem. Poems are in rhyme scheme. Based on friendship, phases of life,marriage, feelings, holding on, letting go, loneliness and all that we cannot weave in words. The poems are effective and relatable. The length of the poems are mostly long. Instead of the pictures illustrations would look better. The book is a less than a hours refreshing read. The poems i really liked are – teenage, little lonely heart,heart and brain, vicious life and memories.

All the poems are relatable and consist of depth,lightness in them. A refreshing read delving you into a little more meaning of life.

overall- 3.5/5

You Never Know: Sometimes Love Can Drag You Through Hell – by Akash Verma



BLURB – There will be times when you feel you have the best relationship, ever There will be times when it will be the worst that has happened to you There will be times when you know you are getting into something terrible; something that will not stop till it destroys you And yet . . . You will be pulled into it so inextricably, unstoppably . . . Dhruv knew Anuradha was his true love. So, despite being married with kids, he still went ahead with their affair. He hid it from his wife and his colleagues. He told lies so he could be with her-it was that amazing! But he couldn’t save himself from the dark secret she was keeping. It pulled him into a vortex of danger so deep that he lost all he had. It happened to him and if you think it can’t happen to you-think again.


About the Author

Akash Verma is an entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of two internet start-ups in the fashion and food sectors. Prior to this, he was in the corporate sector, in organizations such as Coca-Cola, Big FM and Red FM. His work has taken him across the country and he uses this experience to give context to his stories. He has authored three books till now: It Happened That Night, Three Times Loser and A Broken Man. Akash is currently based out of Gurgaon, India. He is also interested cinema, literature, history and travel.


The book was received in a good condition from amazon.

COVER – The cover tells you it is a romantic thriller and a mystery.

TITLE – The title is also amazing.

PACE – The pace of the book keeps changing from the start till the end. The last few pages are teeth gritting.

THEMES – love, revenge, secrecy, human tendencies.

The story is based on dhruv, shalinis and anuradhas life. Dhruv is happily married and has a kid with shalini. anuradha is an employee which joins in recently and he falls in love with her too. Can one fall in love twice? but as humans we always have secrets that can ruin us and change our lives all the way away. anuradha is split in between her past and her present. dhruv does’nt know what to do. that one incident changes everything. it also shows how love can change someone through out. The story has enough twists to keep you hooked. The book is a one time read. The descriptions and language is lucid.

overall -3.5/5.