Two men; two personalities; two slants; one destiny. Roy’s tender heart is on a quest to find a holy grail of mankind- true love. But, the soft echo of feisty Monica’s whispering words- remember, remember. The sixth of September –will change everything, raining mayhem on him and everyone he touches.
Shammi, a serial monogamist, thinks love is an urban myth- a ridiculous creation of the feeble hearts. As awe- inspiring beautiful Sona brisks through his life, the sublime aura of her love brews a raging battle within him. A battle between his objectivity and his heart.
Smothered by the haunting shadows of the casualty of love, Shammi’s life spirals down a path of retribution against his own demons, and Roy’s life is sunk in a deluge of inexplicable state of affairs. Facing imminent danger, and running out of options, Roy suddenly finds himself cornered and isolated. Roy’s only glimmer of hope is by helping Shammi pull out of the dark tunnels of his inner demons; transforming his retribution  into redemption; healing his agony with hope; and swapping his wretvhedness with swagger…. The swagger of love.


book cover-

it is interesting, leaving you with the impression it is a love story with different twists.


the name is so different from we usually read about. it gives you a fresh factor. you’ll definitely be intrigued to read about shammis and roys life.of two different personalities. it full of various ups and down, love, lust and interesting roads that lead them to a difficult situation. the book flows well, at times i felt there are way too many characters and you get confused with the story. so when  you read. read it carefully.

each scene is described very vividly, creating images in your head. comprehending and easy to relate. vocabulary of the author is really good :)it is full of drama , suspense and thrills.you will definitely be relating to many characters.it is a decent story and worth reading 🙂

overall 3.5/5


240 pages


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Dishonorably discharged from the police force, Roy has been condemned to a life of obscurity. However, when a well-known man from within the Mumbai finance circle is found dead, Roy is hired by the self made magnate Jayesh Kumar to probe the case. While Roy is excited at the chance at redemption, he can’t shake off the feeling that he is being played as a pawn.
What looks at first an open and shut case, quite rapidly evolves into a tale of deceit and revenge. As his personal life gets tied to the success of the case, the question becomes, not whether he can have faith in strangers, but whether he can trust his friends.

Key features:
Inspired from real life cases and meticulously researched in actual forensic investigations, The Monsoon Murders is a fast-paced detective novel, which will keep you guessing till the last page.

About the Author:
Having graduated from XLRI, Karan Parmanandka is currently an investment banker by day and author by night. He loves Kafka, Gaiman, Bergman and Zepplin. He hates tying his shoe laces.



i am not much of a thriller or suspense novel reader, but this book is an exception. it was my first try in suspense and this is a really good book.

the cover is a little spooky, you may think of it to be a girl involved in murders or something but it is not it. this book starts of slow and takes its pace very well.

as said it is a fast paced novel. you actually feel you are fighting or helping in the detective work. there are more characters but i could relate well to which is in the scene and then later is not. most authors just make a mess of all the characters and you loose interest in reading. but like i said, this book is an exception. grammar and the story flow is way too good. flipping from one incident to the other is also being done fantastically.

it is roy- the detectives story how one case makes him gain and lose everything in just a small span of time.

arun a high shot has been murdered and all the accusea are laid on his sister that is alina. jayesh has appointed roy to look at this case so that he can keep alina safe.

just when he solves the case and gets to know the murderer is .murders still keep on happenning and every murder is related to the one step getting closer to the criminal. now after shantanu being shot. shantanu opens up a big secret to him- and that one letter changes  roys life. falling apart.

all the strings are attached from one clue to the other. this book is an unbelievable surprise.


overall ratings. i liked evereything about this book and due to the author now i really would love to resd different books in this genre 🙂 4.5/5






friends forever?”





155 pages.

rs- 199/-

Summary of the Book

Sarfaraz is brought up with a good value system by his devoted parents. With time, curiosity and adolescent growth pangs take him through many experiences. His first brush with girls starts with a friend, and slowly meanders into casual flirtatious affairs with girls at college.

All through it, he realises that none of them have his undying, true love. A time comes when he realises who he truly loves, and in the midst of it all, he handles brutal enmity and takes on vile characters that misbehave with his friends.

Sarfaraz grows up in Coimbatore where a series of bomb blasts occur. His identity is called in question, as his status as a Muslim makes people see him as an enemy. He loses something precious in the blasts and leaves to Sharjah, only for life to find him and surprise him.

About the Author

Born and brought up in the beautiful hill town of Coonoor in the Nilgiris, Jagdish Joghee has always been attracted to the hills and the forests. Growing up in the midst of serenity, Jagdish had enough inspiration to write poems in his school days. He now lives in Chennai, where he works for a leading global information technology services company. Jagdish has worked in some of the top IT companies in India. His passion for writing started early, during his school days. Being a closet writer, Jagdish’s writing was initially confined to journals and scrapbooks.

Jagdish is an active blogger and writes on issues that have a social impact, apart from reviewing Indian movies. This book is his second attempt at fiction. His first book In Love and Free received a good response encouraging him to continue to pursue his passion. He considers himself more of a story teller than a writer.


it moves along the line of fights and dangas happening during the story’s time.

also how religion is a matter inbetween love. how sarfaraz loses everything for a time( alot of years) when he realises it was all there right in front of him but with a tragic twist.

a beautiful story plotted and very well put up with emotions, twists and drama.

friendship, love- you name it and it has been covered.


 there is no mess of characters. all the characters are portrayed strong and are beautifully written.

 sarfaraz is the main lead.

my views

this book is a lovely read and keeps you hooked along with the book. cover is beautiful. the plot keeps you interested throughout each and every page not letting you put down the book. this book has the ability to rage different emotions in you. i swear the last 20 pages gives you goosebumps just with the curiosity what will happen next. will it be a happy ending or it will fall apart.the flow of the book is subtle. grammar and vocabulary are amazing. it is not just a typical love story but a story with different twist. it is worth the read!

overall ratings 4/5