These Circuses That Sweep Through the Landscape Stories – Tejaswini Apte-Rahm







A fanatical collector of beetles finds out too late where his passion has led him. A woman out on a shopping spree in a glitzy mall finds she can’t go home again. A servant girl experiences a cruel loss of innocence when she eats something that wasn’t meant for her. In the sweltering heat of Bombay, a schoolgirl finds the ground slipping beneath her feet except when she’s watching Star Trek. Four friends meet for drinks one evening, only to find that their friendship is not what it seems. And, in the extraordinary title story, a student who has worshipped his teacher for decades comes to a terrible realization about him. Meanwhile, his old mentor is planning a cunning legacy of his own.



It is short story collection consisting of 10 emotion filled and tension raging stories. This is my first short story reading in this year, and it is really mind boggling and engaging. The vocabulary of the author is really descriptive and amazing. Each story deals with human emotions/demons that we hide in some corner of our head&heart. The very first story homo cploepatra -is deep- intense more about possessivness. in her book you need to read carefully, or you may miss certain important points.Each story is like a short film unfolding right before your eyes.Certainly a book that keeps you hooked along till the last page. The cover, typeset and book quality is really delightful and adds to the experience of book reading. All the stories are way too amazing to be favourited. The flow of the stories is beautiful too, the imagery. It will be really amazing to see what else the author has in store for us.The stories are realistic and brilliant. Some stories felt a little less intense as the others, but it makes a good book. Recommended for every reader, it is a elaborative,gut kicking metaphors and awe-leaving stories with thoughts that we keep somewhere away buried deep down.

COVER- 4/5



The Unpredictable Heart – Moksh



BLURB – “The Unpredictable Heart – You may be a Victim,” is the story of a boy named Mrinav who comes from a middle-class background. Mrinav is an introvert, down to earth and a caring boy, who loves to keep everyone happy all the time.

One day, Mrinav encounters a question from his best friend, which drags him into a flashback, reminding him of his past infatuations and love. He had a series of infatuations within a short span of 7 years.

This novel is a description of how these infatuations developed into love. Love (Infatuation) at first sight, Infatuation converting into one-sided love, and then finally to departure. He was heartbroken often trying to persuade his lady loves. In his memories, Mrinav cherished the beautiful and memorable days he had of experiencing young love.

The novel plays between fantasy and reality describing how events like Valentine’s Day, Birthdays and more, get converted into memorable days.

And as his time flies by, his life goes through all the usual metamorphoses. While his love-seeking heart refuses to take rest. Mrinav goes through a mixture of love, infatuations and illusive emotions. His craziness with his cab-mates while traveling to his office adds spice at different parts of the novel.

Apart from Mrinav, there are a few other characters in the story as well adding the comic relief. The group included Jatin, Suzi, Omi, Shoeb, Sanjay and Sameer. They all knew that Mrinav was sentimental, who would give party at any point of time, and that too without any reason. Jatin is keen at every instant, trying to persuade Mrinav for unusual parties almost every weekend. He, being his best friend, also takes every care that there is no one to point a finger at Mrinav.

Mrinav’s greatest undoing is his introvert nature that at one point of the novel leaves him stranded all alone. At various instances in the novel, you would feel Mrinav missing his last train in life, while flirting with girls, cracking poems and indulging in unnecessary activities.



TITLE- it is about today’s generation, how we are unsure and so is our heart.

COVER – it goes along with the title. simple and sober.

ABOUT THE BOOK – how the heart is fickle and keeps on changing, curving throughout the lifelines, but in the end is there always happy ending or not?

it is the story of the guy, who thinks it is true love and falls apart his heart over and again, and affects his life. Now jiya, when she enters his life, he is a calm and changed person now, will that remain or something will again destroy his life? read the book to know more about it. The little poems and abstracts were very lovely and added to the beauty. It is a book that rages emotion and keeps it through, some places you can actually feel very emotional, that is an amazing job done by the author, the last few pages keep you very much glued to it.

and a signed copy just makes it so very interesting to read it!

CHARACTERS – less and well defined characters are present which makes the book easy to understand and very flowing.


THEME- love, fickleness.




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No Longer Caged by- Vibha ‘Nasheen’

BLURB – It was his disability that caged Nakul from within – to voice out the words he longed to express. His self-confidence was severely hurt as he graduated from being a child who stammers, to a youth who fears to express himself. Unfortunately, one after another, Nakul lost his loved ones – the ones who were his universe. Just released from prison; before embarking upon his new life, a nostalgic Nakul decided to pay one last visit to his house which carried fond memories of the bygone days and stumbles upon the last gift that Rishabh had left for him, days before he was murdered. This gift turns out to be “the impulse” that gives Nakul the ability to believe in himself and realize his true potential. Oscillating through the scenes of unconditional love, the matchless bond of friendship and a simplistic, yet soulful connect of love, No Longer Caged, is a beautiful saga of embracing one’s true worth as a human being – liberated, unrestricted and not subjected to the beliefs of the world.




TITLE –  The title follows up with the story and is refreshing.

COVER- the cover goes hand in hand with the title, and is very beautiful adding up to the beauty of the book.

ABOUT THE BOOK – As the blurb, tells you the story about nakul who is a kind hearted person but is born with stammering. nobody is perfect so is he.The book is set in his early age to his presence, He makes a friend rishabh, who saves him and stands true to his friendship. He falls for a girl named nandini, she too is in love with him. they are about to get married too. Somehow nakul lands in jail, how does it happen? read the book to know.

the book takes you along the journey of the story.

it is a light and based on a different topic, it is a nice read. I Really loved the typeset, broad and really amazing quality of the book.The book has a strong message, that no matter what you need to set yourself free from all the constraints of the society and self turmoil. You need to breathe. The book has definitely captured the essence of emotions and let it out. The book is just as our life, ups,downs and sorrows still standing true to one.

NARRATION AND LANGUAGE- it is lucid and easy.



THEMES- friendship, love. sacrifice, conspiracy, and self turmoil.

OVERALL – 4/5.


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Book Review of -The Origin of Martin krooger -Sameer Kumar

Product Description

In the land of Gods, the arrival of a vigilante stormed the silence. He was brutally used and harassed by Gods. His emotions and sentiments were toyed with. The most powerful god, Agusthus, feels crippled before him. He targets everyone responsible for his state. He drains Agusthus by slaughtering his son. He exhausts Moira, daughter of Agusthus, by killing her brother before her eyes. He breaks Castle Gray, the only one capable of stopping him, by cursing his love into a cold bloodless stone. He weakens the powerful Queen Iris, Gray’s mother, and enslaves her husband. He certainly has no opponent. However, no one targets him. He is so silent and precise that no one buys the fact that the vigilante, who was cursed and killed long ago, is somehow back. Hence, the time waits for the birth of the last hope left to save the world from the wrath of the demon. Time waits for ‘Martin Krooger.’


About the author :

Sameer Kumar is a mechanical engineer from B.I.T Sindri.He works at Tata Steel as a management trainee .It took him nearly nine years to research and complete this book .Being a motivational speaker ,he works silently for the betterment of the society .He is a tech savvy and loves to make gadgets with his friends .


TITLE – this fantasy genre story revolves around the main character martin krooger, hence the title which is apt.

COVER- it looks like a  ps3 game cover, such fantastic imagery and cover is amazing with all the effects.


It is a beautiful book with easy and descriptive language. In the world where everyone has fallen in love with this genre- this book stands true too to its form. What i really loved were those little poems in the start.This adds in more to the philosophy. Also the type set could have been made a little broader, sometimes the book looks a bit too congested. Each character have their defined role to play. This book has taken 9 years to be written, it can be really felt into the book all the hardwork that is put into it. You really enjoy the book throughout- adding/removing things in your head. Due to the cover which is in purple- you take it as the main background everywhere. The book folds through like a movie, thrilling you in the end. The story is amusing too. Beautiful imagery is also formed by the author. It is different and enraging!

RECOMMENDED- yes, for fantasy genre readers.


PLOT- 3/5




Book Review of long island iced tea by-Ram Kamal Mukherjee


If you believe that variety is the spice of life, then “Long Island Ice Tea” should be your favourite poison. The book is abstract and doesn’t fall into one genre. In the age of surfing, reading a book is nothing less than testing patience. And it’s a herculean task. These stories were written in various seasons, over many months. The mood of the book swings from sober to slut. From dark to darker. From love to lust. This is a collage of emotions. Just how, we all have phases in life. It’s an ordinary piece of work, and that’s what makes it extraordinaire. In a bar, if you are the one who craves the most for cocktail, then this is the one. Go, party with the words.

About the Author

Ram Kamal Mukherjee known for his best seller, a coffee table book on India’s first female superstar Hema Malini titled Diva Unveiled, Ram Kamal Mukherjee bagged the coveted title of India’s youngest biographer in 2005. With 17 years of experience in print journalism he has been associated with leading publications since 2000. Former Editor-In-Chief of Stardust, Assistant Editor of Mumbai Mirror (Times Of India) and Vice President of Pritish Nandy Communication, Mukherjee’s Long Island Ice Tea is his first venture in fiction. With almost one million social media followers he remains one of the most popular journalist from Bollywood.




TITLE – Just as life is a cocktail of so many emotions, raw and wild. The book is also named after the cocktail – long island tea, as different emotion is put forth here in one book. Though the title- could have been different but lets dig into it 🙂

COVER- the cover is just after the title, a breezy look to the cover is given, which is suitable.

ABOUT THE COLLECTION – It is a short story collection enraging and engaging the reader into different situations and ending every story with a turn. From different reality aspects to cinema, daily life, love. these are covered in the book. Language is lucid and easy. Narration is flowing.While some stories keep you stuck to the book, a few lack interest. It is a mild collection of stories,which is definitely recommended for anybody who is reading short stories or even while travelling. Will surely teach you something. As his first adventure in fiction it is definitely great to see the work .His future works will be definitely much more promising. some stories have letters, which are beautifully put up. Imagery Formed is also amazing. These stories can form some short video series, they’re definitely worth it.


FAVOURITE STORY – madam, shot is ready. broken frame


OVERALL- 3.5/5.


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Poetry book review- Little buddy- By Sarmad Ishtiaq

BLURB – “Little Buddy” is an experimental concept poetry book that touches some prose but mostly focuses on romantic and beat poetry. The book features a few pages of prose, which expands upon one major poem that is divided into four stanzas. These four stanzas are then expanded into four different sections. Each section contains various poems based on the title of the section. The book follows a thematic timeline


TITLE – it may seem a little out of the blue, but it can be taken up as one’s little friend.To the persons mind and soul. it is apt for the book.

COVER – I think it is a personal to the author and is one of his photos.depicting something that is hidden to us. The ring might have alot of importance to the author.The cover could have been something else, but like we don’t get a clear idea. It looks nice though.


ABOUT THE COLLECTION -It is divided into 4 phases – love, hate, interospection, loss.At the start of every phase a photo is given which just complements to the beauty of the book.First poem is a prose narrative,which just sets the right mood for the reader,giving a little taste of the book. Symmetry of the poetry is slow, opening and really very beautifully composed.Fickle and fulling.Lenghty poems are there. Each poem makes you feel different depths. Every poem has the capacity to stir something inside the reader, which indeed is done by the poet, very well. Each poem hits the right spot and punches in the gut. So much pain and truth is attached to this collection.

FAVOURITE POEMS – i loved you, letters, cheney 38, delusions, bangor to wenslow, good people are kind of terrible.

FAVOURIE LINES -1-  Room full of strangers- this is someone else’s dream. 2-forget a line is someone else’s vein. 3- don’t betray, just like you betray your life. 4-perhapsa poem could make it all better.

PAGE TURNER- definitely yes.


RECOMMENDED FOR – all poetry lovers!





Poetry book- The Tales of Crucified Blunt by Areesh Fatmee


The tales of crucified Blunt is like a black hole. It washes away the light and there’s just a gloomy grim darkness. It may not prove to be a soul relaxant yet it is something someone gasps reading after. Its a collection of tales from our lives. From our very own dark episodes of life. It might not solve the issues but it might assure
you that you do have issues with your soul. Mental banalities… Emotional chaos… and the disastrous social mockery.
Its terrible indeed.

About the Author

I am debonair feather swished away by the hideous. Humbly dependent upon words to express my emotions. The nib of my pen dripping with my blood as I bleed tales of agony and . The loop of chaos I pen down entangles the readers minds and leave behind a gasp and tear. My stories might not be the best out there but there is one thing that can be persuasive enough to make one read them is that “its all about you, me and them”


TITLE – at first you might be confuse it to be a short story collection by the name but as you dig into the book, you realise it’s beauty along with the title which goes along with it very well.

COVER-  vaguely beautiful and delicate. An amazing cover that moves parallel to the title.

ABOUT THE COLLECTION – there are lenghty poems in this, with slow narration the kind you may see in button poetry on youtube. All worth for slam poetry. Slow release of emotions is seen. The poetess has done an amazing job by evoking the emotions and keeping the reader hooked to each page. I Would really love the author perform one of the pieces. 3person narrative poems are seen. Infomative with divine imagery formed. the metaphors and other figures of speech is really delightful to read. Most of the work is really relatable. It is something we all go through in some part of our lives, or have it within us, of something that does not spill due to some reason. Those times when we feel weak, and seek for love. It is a beautiful collection.

THEMES COVERED- Love, fantasy, patriotism, parting.

FAV LINES- thou eyes which see naught but the concotion.

FAVOURITE POEMS- agony of isolation, bermuda inside of me, i am not alone, vindictive overload, you left, bubble of hope, love of hoax.

PAGE TURNER- definitely yes.

WHO SHOULD READ – as the language is lucid and accumulatively magnificient. all poetry readers and all readers in general too.