The Science and Art of Holistic by Vyankatesh Katkar.



The Science and Art of Holistic Living is a comprehensive life improvement book for long disease free, stress free living. It is very appropriate to label as, ‘ShatayushiAnandYog.” Living life as per this book gives, ASSURED IMMENSE BENEFITS. It is a PROGRAMME FOR POSITIVE AND HOLISTIC CHANGE IN LIFE. Science and Art for Holistic Living is a unique and comprehensive life improvement program with immense practical value. It elaborates on all aspects of good living. It is holistic in approach and its contents. There is no other program as inclusive as this. The program has five sections, and the salient features are: 1. Science of proactive health management for prevention of diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, obesity and other life style diseases so as to lead disease free long life. 2. Elucidation of concept of positive health promoting diet instead of balanced diet and many dozens of health promoting tips. 3. The art of stress elimination at source instead of merely stress management. It is possible to eliminate arousal of stress at source through positive thinking and positive attitude. It is possible to eliminate anger, hatred, jealousy, worry and fear for happy stress free living. 4. Management of residual stress through yoga and autohypnosis and many other tools. As a whole this program encompasses all the aspects of perfect holistic living. I am certain that all the readers will find it interesting and enough to change, a) the way they think, b) the way they perceive and interpret the happenings, the world and its people to bring about drastic shift in attitude and behavior and emotional self, c) the way they eat and live and d) the we handle residual stress if any for happy, disease free long- long life. This book is a must read for every living person to save loads of money of hospital bills.



Starting off with the cover it has a happy face of a girl in nature which really lifts you up. The title is apt to the book. It is a must for people who want a guide. The book has been written in scientific facts broken into simple laymann terms so that everyone can understand it. It is divided into three parts – health,stress and other management. All health related problems have been discussed along with their solutions which can be used in the daily life easily like heart diseases. Precautions that should be taken to avoid any health problems in the future. Each topic has been discussed, explained really well which will definitely help one to plan their life accordingly from diet to exercises or simple yoga. The importance of a balance has been given in this.Personal issues like hate, stress and jealousy have been discussed too.The simplicty and details is what you will really love about the book.  Keypoints are also given in the book. How to live with content with everything that you have. You will feel really boosted by reading the book. The book gives you a pep talk that you need for holistic living. The book brings you in line with reality and consciouness.



The Final Truth of God Soul and Salvation Demystified – by Vyankatesh Katkar


The Final Truth of God Soul and Salvation Demystified



The book, ‘The Final Truth of God Soul and Salvation Demystified’ speaks about core spiritual philosophies and nothing else. All extraneous matters have been strictly excluded. It is written in question and answer format for the sake of clarity and ease to understand. The true value of this book lies in demystification of spirituality through crystal clear SSclarity of thought that is devoid of ambiguities and vain mysticism. The book puts forth many fresh philosophical views, which are contrary to that of established religious dogmas and philosophies on many vital aspects of spirituality. The book is a product of long years of study, meditation, contemplation and spiritual enquiry. It is a potential rabble-rouser, as it strikes very hard at heart of established pseudo spiritual beliefs and practices. Even a cursory look at content index will give good overview of the book. This book is must read for all enquiring minds. None of the present religion answers all the questions regarding spiritual matters that arise in the mind of intelligent and scientifically grounded mind. And there is no unanimity regarding various fundamental and vital questions regarding nature of God, soul and particularly about meaning of salvation and ways to achieve that.



From the cover itself you know it is a spritual book. The title is also apt as per the book plot. The book is in questions and answer format. Which helps you in breaking down the most asked questions to ourselves answered in simple language and helps you understand the universe a little much more better. The book also has key points in the end which summarizes the book in short. Alot of concepts will be cleared and some will lead you much more curious. The book has been well researched and written.The theme is spritual.  The book is ideal for people who have interest in this genre or have just began to know about this. Language is simple. The book is a short read. The book is divided well into chapters. Karma, spritual science, soul, cosmos.The author has made this book easy for people who want to know everything summarized. The book is a short read.


Hacklyf by Vijay Poudel






Hacklyf is an honest attempt to help people who want to live an exceptional life but is clueless amidst all the chaos. It`s an unchallenged fact that “Motivation never lasts”, and that is where this book will come in handy. It will provide you with continuous motivation through simple reasoning. A mélange of stories inspired by real-life events and short write-ups which will leave you inspired. There are plenty of activities dispersed throughout the book to help you grasp the ideologies and methodologies better. The writing is simple, crisp and enjoyable even for those who aren’t an avid reader. Unveil it and let it transform you.



New year. New start. This book gives you just the right inspiration you need.

It is a book that needs to be read whenever you feel low. It gives you a energized feeling right from the cover itself. You will really love the way the author has narrated it and there are little quotes present at the end of the every chapter which can be used as a take away or gist that can be referred again and over.

The little questionairres help you priortize and focus on your goals or where one is going wrong. It is a short read which will help you in many ways . You will definitely use alot of the things in your life too. The book is written in easy english so that more people can relate well to it. The way all the incidences are put up help you relate well to the author and not feel alone too.  This book is a compact self help book like a journal and a friend which will guide you through life and help you grow much more stronger.

This book will surely give you hopes and hacks about life from one to another. definitely worth it.

overall -4/5

Ramayana: Stand Strong – by Shubha Vilas




The Ramayana is not a story. It’s a way of life. It’s the game of life.

Life is a constant reminder that nothing, however powerful in one season, remains unchanging. The endless cycles of change can truly us if we are unprepared to face its realities. However, we often see these changing times as problems larger than they really are. Many issues in life when perceived with fear, result in pain; but when perceived with CLARITY, result is FREEDOM.

Situations of helplessness are almost always created by our own limited imagination.

Do you have the courage to face your fears?
Stand Strong, the fourth book in Ramayana: The Game of Life series reminds us through its eternal stories — such as the tale of brothers Vali and Sugriva — that life is like a high-risk treasure hunt: one often has to walk through a maze of confusing paths while being chased by dangerously complex dilemmas to find the hidden treasure of wisdom.



There are books that uplift you and hold you through storms , this book is one of those. Ramayana has been written over and over again but this one has a different perspective and teaching to tell us. This book keeps you hooked at all times. Starting from the cover itself it  is so calming. The blurb gives just the right amount to keep you interested. A long read yes, but really beautiful. The way it is narrated and each event is properly explained plus every page has glossary to explain all the meanings to one. It is a self help plus a story book. This book gives you so much more clarity about life and your current situations. It will make you wise and much more satified with life. Language is easy to understand. The book has alot to offer as you delve in. It is not necessary only for sprituality readers to read this book but it is made for the masses to gain wisdom and root alot more to themselves. It is a series of 4 books one can read this book directly or can even be read from the start. The plot rotates around the main characters.

overall -4/5

Harnessing the Windmills of the Mind by Abraham Thomas




In the pell-mell of life, who has not sometimes felt overwhelmed? The mind seems to be in endless churn… Leading us in circles of despair, anger and frustration… Where do we turn when we are floundering? The answer lies within. Windmills offers practical and sustainable ways forward through Effective Mind Control (EMC).
How to control your temper.
How to cultivate patience.
How to face grief.
How to deal with guilt.
How to escape from the well of sudden disappointment.
How not to feel dissatisfied with life.
How to avoid despair over the lack of meaning in your life.
These pages abridge the behavioral aspects of the AI thesis about the mind on the Effective Mind Control website. EMC has drawn keen interest from around the world, logging over half a million page views from over 150 countries. EMC assumes that IA, an intuitive algorithm, enables the mind to apply inductive reasoning to manage attitudes and behaviours. Windmills suggests simple mental and physical exercises, followed by wise men across the centuries, to change our own views and actions… Pointing the way towards a positive life experience.




Life is tough and drives you insane so many times where we all ache for something more and something that keeps us going. There are such phases where there are just downfalls and nothing is clear again. This book is for all of us in difficult times and even on a daily basis. This book is empowering. The book cover is really beautiful and the title goes along really well with the book. The book is divided into many sections where one might be stuck and need help. This book helps one recognize true potential and how much more one can endure. There are many self help books you will find now but this book is definitely one that you should have. It talks on basis of facts, problems and there reasonable situation. It includes basic exercises,  daily activities one can do when they feel lost, anxious.The book talks about various emotions, boredom, sadness, anger, jealousy. On how they develop and ruin our minds. This book is a constant reminder of how beautiful one is and how each one of us can conquer everything just if guided properly. The tips and plans are really helpful if one uses them on a regular basis. One will also see positive changes in their life. The way the book has been narrated is tremendously amazing. easy words and many points one will relate to the book. One will definitely learn something amazing from this book.

overall – 4.5/5.

The OM Mala – Meanings Of The Mystic Sound :by Nityanand Misra.



About the Book

The OM Mala is a book (and a mala) which explains just one word-OM. OM is one of the shortest Sanskrit words, and yet is considered the most powerful word and a mystic mantra in Hinduism. The OM Mala gives eighty-four names of OM as per classical, epic, and medieval Sanskrit texts and explains their various meanings in 109 sections or beads, corresponding to 109 beads in a mala (108 chanting beads and one ‘sumeru bead’). Each bead of this book presents simple meaning of one name (or more than one related names) of OM and offers an explanation along with listing the relevant traditions, explaining the etymology, and quotations. The book includes rare names of OM like ‘shrutipada’ and ‘rasa’ as well as its common names like ‘om’, ‘udgitha’, and ‘pranava’. Both popular meanings of OM (like the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva) and its rare meanings (like inhalation, holding the breath, and exhalation) are included.

About The Author

Nityanand Misra is an IIM Bangalore graduate who works as a quantitative analyst in the investment banking industry. He is passionate about Indian culture, especially classical and medieval Indian literature, classical and folk Indian music, and traditional fine arts and performing arts of India. He is an amateur researcher, editor, and author in the field of Hinduism and Indology. He has edited, translated, or authored seven books so far in Sanskrit, Hindi, and English on Hindu religion, philosophy, and spirituality. He designs and typesets his books himself.



Some books leave an impact on you and this book is definitely one. Starting off with the cover -it is smooth matte finish with om sign over it with beads on it. Bright yellow depicting hope and aura of om. The title also suggest about the meanings and explanations of om in life and to it’s depth. 108 names have been referred to om such as life, destroyer, birth, breathe, sun. The author has definitely inculcated simple language for everyone to understand every aspect of om. The author has divided every bead/mala into meaning,explanation, tradition,etymology and quotes found in the veda literature. It is definitely for somebody who is into mythology and wants to know more about it. The language is simple yet contains it’s depth very well. Sanskrit, hindi is a beautifully explained. While reading you will also know maths has also been a integral part to a better understanding about our culture. The book really amazes you knowing how many meanings there is to OM. A book which will make you learn alot of things about our culture. This book is unique because not alot of people know there are so many names to om. The book as a whole is also a beautiful experience.

overall – 5/5.

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The Mystic of Twin Flame Relationship: Reincarnation of Souls by Manjit Sargam Chawla



We encounter many soul mates whether Karmic, Companion mates in our reincarnated life from the time even before we take birth. These are our soul mates. They will help us to reunite with our twin flame-the mirror reflection of our soul-and intensify an unconditional divine love more powerful and profound than we can’t imagine. Soul Mates & Twin Flames reveal the ultimate secret to discover our soul mate and our twin flame. But the mirror soul of our soul if met in this life span put the highest impact on our lives and mold us for good, make our soul spiritual awakened and we learn the true meaning of unconditional divine love. Twin Flames and numerous advanced souls are presently re-uniting across the planet to complete their soul’s purpose of ONENESS at this reincarnation on Earthy plane. Humanity has long been trapped by the forces of illusion and hatred that have brought about much suffering and pain. The increasing numbers of souls awaken to their true purpose; to reconnect to their spiritual Formless almighty universe and to serve their fellow beings. Twin Flame soul relationship bear soul tearing and very painful term cycle consists of union, separation, crisis, runner chaser Phase, reunion and many more. If they are successful to raise their vibrational frequency then, they will transit to a higher dimension and will be spiritually Awakened.



cover -the cover goes along the title which is based on twin souls. It is a really romantic cover.

title – It is apt title, giving us an insight about the typesof soul one encounters.

plot -It gives in the course of relation of twin flames, how they will meet and how it will all go about in their relation, love, separation, meeting again. This book gives an insight of the love one will encounter throughout. The book has divided sections.

quotes are given in the book which are relatable. gives in volumes of knowlegde about twin souls and makes you believe in magic over and again. on how self love- dreams and every soul has some distinct role in your life. it will help you gain knowledge and know more about yourself. the flow of the book is brilliant.

definitely recommended for people who believe in soul mates and sprituality.

overall – 4/5



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