In dialogue with Mona Mohanty

Mona Mohanty has led a life travelling the length and breadth of India. Born in Kolkata, she has studied in places as far spread out as Chandigarh, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Lucknow and Delhi.She passed out in 1987 with a B.A. (Hons) in History from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi.Armed with an M.A. and M. Phil in History from JNU, she qualified for the Indian Revenue Service in 1991. Currently, she is a Commissioner of Income Tax.

Writing has always been her passion . A love for words has been second nature to her. Finally, she decided to bring a semblance of order to all the jottings over the years and collate a minuscule portion of them into a book. *Betwixt Twists And Turns* was the result of this endeavour. This was followed by another collection of short stories titled, ‘ Volcanic Moments: Heart popping tales’. Currently, working on a novel, she has also contributed short stories for international magazines like Confluence.



1) What does words mean to you?
Words , in my realm, is the equivalent of oxygen for living beings. For me, it is the be- all and end – all of existence. As a medium of expression, words convey thoughts, emotions and action; not necessarily, in that order.

2) As both of your works have been short story collections we would love to know little insights on how do you go about collecting them?

 My short story collections arise out of my observations of people ( and animals) in varying situations and places. The setting can be a high end hotel, a village waterhole, a crowded shopping mall , a dreary office… the list is unending.
3) Anything new you are or planning to work upon?
I am working on a novel. I don’t want to spill the beans now.. I love to keep people guessing.
4)What do you think is lacking in current generation with regards to literature work?
 It’s a bit sad, that the current generation doesn’t have the time or the patience to relax with a book. I see it amongst youngsters in my family too. Give me a book over a party. There is never a quandary regarding the choice.
5) A small message for our writers and readers?
I can only wish and hope that the love for the written word continues to soar and that each of us do our bit to keep this precious part of our lives immortal. For, words maketh the man!

In conversation with poet Sakshi Walia.

Sakshi is a university student pursuing her degree in English literature. She started writing at the age of 13 and writing has been her passion since then. She has published three books so far and has been a part of many anthologies. She has recently been nominated for 100 aspiring authors of India. Apart from this she is also a slam poet and a football player. 

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Interview with the magician of words and imagination Durriya Kapasi.



Solomon, who is a genie and human hybrid, discovers his supernatural powers and a truth hidden from him for twenty years. His ordinary life turns into an adventure, full of never-ending challenges and responsibilities, when his foster father is kidnapped and his biological father’s kingdom and legacy is threatened. Will Solomon step into the land of the genies to save his loved ones? Will he accept his fate as the heir of Neverfound Land? Neverfound Land is a heartwarming tale of a young man taking control of his destiny.




Durriya Kapasi is an author of Neverfound Land, her second novel that is also a sequel of her first bestselling book Once Upon A Genie. She’s a Creative Writing teacher, foodie and traveler. Both of her published books are taken up for screen adaptation by a major production house.


1)As once upon a genie was a magnificent journey of magic and imagination. Can you give us an insight about this book as well?

 Once Upon a Genie is a story that revolves around Daisy, a girl, and her love with Khalil the genie. From their shocking first encounter to discovering the magical land of Genies and then the adventurous journey they had following the three wishes, Once Upon a Genie is a romantic saga with portrayal of unusual romance, strong friendship, hope, sacrifice and unfolding the secrets of Genie world.

Neverfound land is about Solomon, half human-half genie, in the quest of finding his father Darren who had been kidnapped by a bad clan of genies. In this quest, he got to learn about his real identity and his hidden powers, about his biological father who is the king of genies, and the powerful relationship of nature and the other worlds that human are not aware of; as well as the secrets of magic and the supernatural beings.


 2) Is this book the continuation of the previous book?

 Yes, Neverfound Land is a sequel of Once Upon a Genie, although it can also be read as standalone too since the summary of first book is presented in the beginning of the story.


 3) Your work seems to be unique and different. Mostly about magic and how we should have hope?  Have you been writing in this genre always?

 Magic, Horror, Fantasy are the genres, which always allure me, and as an avid reader I always prefer reading them, so the passion for these genres were instilled in me since childhood. Altough Once upon a genie is my first published book, followed by Neverfound Land, I have authored three books which got published online on wattpad, all three were fantasy.


4) What are you working on next?

 I am working on the plot of my next book, though I cannot reveal much on this but it’s going to be another fantasy ride for my readers.


5) A small favourite quote of yours from your book?

Hope is a distant star shining in the darkest sky. It might not be enough to remove the darkness, but it is enough to make you believe that there are a thousand more stars somewhere and all you have to do is reach there by fighting your best- Neverfound Land



In dialogue with Author Tanmay Dubey.




Inspired by true events, THE RED LINE is a thrilling murder mystery that treads the dark by lanes of international espionage and corrupt defense deals. The exciting story witnesses the journey of an honest cop to discover his true dharma and a brave women army officer’s selfless service for her country.


The Red Line Photo- Tanmay (1).jpg



An IT professional based in Gurgaon, Tanmay Dubey is a voracious reader and an avid storyteller. In a career spanning more than ten years, he has been fascinated by several aspects of the corporate world and this book is a result of those observations.When not busy spinning a yarn, Tanmay can be found reviewing latest Bollywood films on his popular Facebook page ‘Tanmay’s Movie Adda’. He is also an enthusiastic cyclist, a randonneur, and loves running marathons. He recently completed the prestigious IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon in Port Macquarie, Australia.  The race had 1.9km of Open Water Swimming, 90KM of Cycling and 21.07km of Running. He was the Only Indian Participating in the race. He believes that probably he is the only Indian Writer who is an Ironman also 🙂 


1) The main character for this book is a woman? Can you tell us more about her?

Yes, one of the main protagonists of the story is a woman. She is a colonel in the Indian Army. Her name is Matrika Rana, she is single, Independent, Brave and a completely honest and dedicated Army officer. She is carrying the legacy of her martyred father by serving in Indian Army. She is beautiful, strong, fit and when life gets her an option to choose her dharma v/s duty. She chooses her dharma of a soldier

2) As the book says it is based on true events can you tell us about the story in short?

Corruption in Defense Arms Procurement is a weed that is eating our System and playing with the lives of fellow countrymen. Be it Bofors  Gun Procurement Scam or the dirt surrounding the latest Rafale Airplane deal. The story is inspired by one such event and the international espionage, cyber-attack which is the new age attack option used by countries against each other.


3) What kind of researcher work or reading you had to do?

The Research took a lot of time, I met officials from Ministry of Defence, read articles about cyber-attack and traveled extensively meeting several people associated with the Indian Army and others that I can’t name to collect facts


4)How much time did you take to complete this book?

I took about 2 years to complete this book

5) What are you working currently on?

I am currently working on a self-help book and expecting to complete in another 6 months’ time.

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In conversation with budding author Saurabh Sharma.



WhatsApp Image 2019-05-01 at 8.54.09 PM



“Close The Door As You Walk In.” – Let’s talk the truth about hustling. Over a coffee?
Hustle is just a mere misconception of pulling yourself back from what you actually want to hit on and be the beacon of your big time dreams and goals. But, in reality the hustling of your life is the real stepping stone towards your best of the choices and worthy achievements. Having some whirls and swirls in your life do make it a bit complex, but not having them at all, is where you need to stop and think for a moment, that is your LIFE worth it? Maybe this or maybe that, should I go here or do I need to be there? Baffled! Totally! So, why not try cuddling these hustles? This book ‘Close The Door As You Walk In’, an eBook by Saurabh Sharma, talks about the hustle and bustle of an entrepreneur and how he sails through the tough choices and endures till the last stone of his fantasy kingdom. Also, it unravels many aspects of what are the options to choose from, and how? This read will surely give a kick start to your entrepreneurial journey and maybe, you never know it might turn your love for passion into something so vast and soothing that would leave you in tranquility for eternity.



1) Can you tell us more about yourself and how did you get to writing?

My pen name is meet_the_wizard. Most of the people think that it’s just
a social media id or an alias name, but the fact is that there’s more to
it, what? Well that’s a secret. And I am writing since I was a little
kid. Maybe I was in 5th or 6th sttandard when I started penning down
some ghost stories in the pocket diaries made for me by my sister and I
just loved the whole idea of reading them whenver I need to spend some
time with myelf. And I just embraced the fact that everybody around me
had a story or the other. And I was good with listening. And above this
all, I have cherished my eperiences. So I listen, observe, experience
and simply pen it all down.

2) A few insights about your book?

Close the door as you walk in, I felt was essential, I felt was required
out there. How often we see people looking up to the stars or the
achievers and saying, yea! It’s easy to say motivational stuff when
you’re already a star. So I felt to give them a guide from a hustler
about the lessons of hustling, a hustler who is actually in the phase of
hustling. To tell them, man it’s tough yet beautiful. Writing is a
responsiblity, and whatever experience I have gained, I just wanted that
to be poured down and to serve the minds about the tings that often
confuse them, and that too with a perspective they surely haven’t heard
of. Because people will always tell them what to do, or how to do, but
the book simply tells you how to have the perspective to believe in
yourself and to believe that your method is correct. It solve confusions
about very basic yet important aspects in lives.

3) Which are your favourite authors?

Am horrible at reading. Never gonna lie about that. But the Alchemist by
Paulo Coelho will always be a special one for me. And can I say, “Am my
own favourite”.

4) What is your view about book publishing these days?

Let me remind you, you’re asking this to a publisher himself. Running
Lapsus Creations quite successfully I have come across various methods
and expectations that run around publishing. And I always say, there’s
no right and wrong as long as they serve the purpose and the
writers/authors actually get a helping hand in a right manner.

5) What is your message through the book?

Close the door as you walk in, intend to be a guide to hustling days,
totally as weird as me. And that is why I kept it an E-Book, to make
sure one can have it in there pockets 24*7 and can refer to it whenever
they are encountered by a situation in life of which they aren’t much
sure about.

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In an interview with Sujay Malik – Author of The sameness in a consistent change and Different beads of the same string.

Sujay Malik


Different Beads of the Same String  : A collection of Short Stories                                                                   The Sameness in a Consistent Change

  1. How did you end up as an author?

– Well, I always had a skew towards writing, from my schooling days. The written word, in any form, be it poem, story, essay, comic strip, fascinated me. I started by writing essays, then moved onto poems and four-liners. I loved the idea of telling a thing in as less a words as possible. Slowly I graduated into writing short stories. It gave me immense high and I realised I was decent at it. I would definitely like to hone my craft further and I am working on that.

After completing my education and getting into a work life I realised that I could try and give my hobby a much more meaningful shape. That’s where I decided that even if I am half decent as what my friends and family gave me credit for, I could try and get my stories out to the world to read. And that’s how ‘Different Beads of the Same String’ happened. After a bit of hiatus,now I have come up with my new book ‘The Sameness in a Consistent Change’. Hopefully the next one will not take as long as this one took.

  1. Can you tell us about yourself?

– In all fairness, you can call me a brooder, a dreamer, a story-teller, a guy next door, a professional, a husband, a son, a son-in-law, a friend; all rolled into one.Now, professionally I am a Chartered Accountant and also have a degree in law and commerce. I work with Bharti Axa General Insurance Company Limited as a Senior Manager – Underwriting. As I said earlier, I am quite passionate about writing and story-telling and that has prompted me to pursue my interest more seriously. My love for books is not too old but pretty firm, but my love for writing dates back to the time I was in school.I love to be alone at times and at other times I like the company of my loved ones around me. I can be moody but I am quite actively passive that way – active in the mind and passive by appearance. You might feel that I am almost non-reactive by nature but that’s just how I look. I am deeply affected by what goes on around me and I choose to talk about all of that through my stories.

I like to go on long walks, explore paths and books as well. I also love following cricket and table-tennis. Although I don’t play table tennis any more, which I used to do once, it continues to be an integral part me. I have learnt a lot from the sport and I continue to carry the learnings with me. So that, in a nutshell is what I am all about.

  1. Tell us a little what this book means to you?

– Oh, needless to say that it means a lot to me. I have worked through the nights to get this out. Not to make it sound like a lot of hard work but I enjoyed carving out the story and the characters. To be honest, I tried to challenge myself with ‘The Sameness in a Consistent Change’. I have literally taken the risk and tried to change my writing style and storytelling abilities. I understand that this style may not be relatable to all the readers and some might feel that there may be an issue with the pace of the story. But this was a risk I was willing to take to try and evolve as a writer. I do not know how successful I have been at it, but it sure gives me joy when my readers reach out and tell me that they saw a noticeable change in the manner in which my second book is written and they enjoyed it. And it pleases me, while accepting the fact that this may not please everyone. But as I said it was a risk I was willing to take.It makes me happy to know that readers have felt a more nuanced form of writing where story and characters both have been sketched and brought to life in a different way.This is very close to my heart and I would like to scale upwards for my next one as well. This learning process is intriguing and I love it. And hopefully better myself, in my third one.

  1. Ramanuj seems to be the 21st century man who is confused and doesn’t know what to do. Can you put a little more light on him?

 – Oh indeed. We are filled with people who know exactly what they want to do and then there are others who are the exact vice versa. In fact so many of them out there cruise through their lives not knowing what they want out of it. And before they realise it, the imminent end is near.

Ramanuj is a confused boy as well. But he is happily confused. He does not know what he wants, is an indifferent hopeless and is not bothered about it. That’s who he is, in essence. And then when a drastic event happens you would think that it would prompt a change just like we have been brought up believing thus. But human nature is a mysterious enigma. A drastic event may suggest a change but may eventually not cause it.Ramanuj deals with the pangs in his own way. Lethargy and slowness is a trait he has imbibed and he deals with the drastic change in his life in his own languid manner. The impact of the grief is uniform across personalities but people have their own way to deal with that. And Ramanuj, the core introvert does it in his own style. He loves, but his love is different. It doesn’t lack the passion and pureness, just the expressiveness. In elation of love and even in heartbreak his outward manifestation is similar. This character is very close to my heart and I just wonder how many of them live their life on their own terms and how many live it because they are dictated by extraneous circumstances.

  1. The incidents are taken from your very life or is an imaginary story?

 – Well, I have seen people being caught in crossfires of what is right and what is perceived to be right. And then just to show this aspect of being right, they have to end up doing, what they would otherwise not do. Perhaps for a year, perhaps for more than that, and perhaps even an entire lifetime! But that doesn’t change the way they look at things. Times change, habits change but internal core comes out as only it should. A fiction is just an extension of reality sometimes, and the story in my book is a classic example.The nostalgia is so inherent that when death is imminent one rushes to whatever he/ she would have rather done the entire lifetime. Isn’t this strange? And isn’tthis true as well. May be that’s why they say that truth is stranger than fiction. And ironically my fictional story is the closer to the truth for some of us.

  1. What are you expecting with your second book?

 – That is an interesting question. I wish that it reaches out to the readers and what they can get out of it is what a reader derives from any good book. A character that is relatable, a story that is interesting and finally a reading experience that is worth the reader’s time. As I said earlier, I hope I have honed myself as a writer with this one. I do believe I have, but some of my reader’s may not agree, which is quite acceptable.

But on the whole I am satisfied with what I have done with my second and I would like the process to simply continue. I do hope a lot of readers buy my book and it is worth every penny for them.

  1. Your favourite quote/dialogue from your book?

 – Oh there are so many. I can list down a few

  • The past was coherent and sturdy. The permanence embedded in it was resolute, so resolute that nothing could obliterate it.
  • Human mind is a strange piece of puzzle. Sometimes it draws a conclusion first and then leads you on to that by some pre-conceived notions.
  • He had a habit of blaming nature for some things in which nature didn’t have much to do.
  • The idler in him craved his past. The compulsive ambition in him looked to the future. In between lay his present which wasn’t sure when it would snap when pulled at either strings.

  1. Any troubles you face while finding publishers?

 – Not for this one. I used KDP and it worked just fine for me. It was pretty quick and efficient. And I hope I can reach out to maximum readers through this medium.

  1. Are you reading any book currently? What do you like about it?

-I have just started reading Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot collection, which has been on my reading plate for quite a while now. Incidentally my wife gifted this on my birthday. I’ve been through a couple of stories and loving the reading experience thoroughly. There is so much to love about the character called Poirot isn’t it!

  1. A small guidance/word for our readers/writers?

-It’s a simple mantra. You have to try and evolve with whatever you are doing. So hone your skills, understand your strengths and work on your weaknesses. But do not be scared to take risks. It may or may not pay you well, but you would have definitely come out enriched.

And keep reading and writing. It will hold you in good stead.