Life is a Treasure Hunt by Priti.

Life is a Treasure Hunt by [Priti]



It is totally Spiritual concept which gives an understanding about why we are born and what best we can do with our life to do good karmas and what all factors we can consider so that we develop a pure quality Soul by understanding the concept of true and real Conscious.



Life is a treasure hunt consists of 19 chapters and a total surrender where it has been summarised with what to do in order to get back balance in life.
The initial chapters focus on some aspects of yoga, chakras, happiness and Karma’s.

Some chants have also been given in the book as well which can help to gain certain peace of mind.
The cover is really simple I guess something else could have been worked upon it.
The various stages of yoga have also been mentioned. So the thing is what I absolutely loved is the simple language where things have been explained well. The initial chapters deal with having to believe in a higher power and how does karma and balance work.
Attachments in life and all that we do. The book is really a short read and you will most definitely learn what to apply in your life and make the most out of this book

Overall 3.5/5

I Also Slept With Rashmi Verma by Love Thon

I Also Slept With Rashmi Verma by [Thon, Love]


I Also Slept With Rashmi Verma is a college campus story with a central love interest forming the backbone of the book where the author loves the lead protagonist Rashmi Verma and tries unsuccessfully to have sex with her only to succeed right at the end. She, in turn, sleeps with all his friends and denies him all the time. This central theme of erotic love forms the backbone of campus life with college festivals, group fights, pot smoking, chaddi grabbing and stealing of examination papers. You will meet quirky characters like Peanut John, Raizada, Ani Bahal and Mama Molester. Come get laid this winter. She is waiting – our very own Rashmi Verma. It is going to be one f*** of a read.



The book has two parts one which deals with alot of important issues and one where there’s alot about college life. The cover is beautiful trying to show the power in women, the different shades of emotions and what not.

The title I didn’t like it much could have been something else. The book seemed like a drag at some places where the friend is trying to sleep with her.

The last few pages really does hit you alot with the emotions and pain Rashmi might have gone through.
For me the second half of the book was good

Half of the book is also written in hinglish which I didn’t like much.
To sum it up good read for one time.

The narration could have been better

Overall -4/5

An Unexpected Gift by Ajay K. Pandey






Giving up is not an option when someone calls you mother.’

Abhay, still struggling with the grief of losing his wife, is unable to cope with his job and the care of his toddler son. So, when the mysterious Sheetal enters his life, applying for the job of looking after Ayush, he is thrilled.

All Sheetal has ever wanted, even as a child, is to be a mother. Circumstances mean that she might never be one. The almost instant bond between her and the young boy is balm to her soul and like a godsend to Abhay.

Still, something about Sheetal nags at him. She seems perfect, but why is she so reluctant to show him her identity card? What is she hiding?

What happens when Abhay finally discovers her secret? Does he stand by her side, or abandon her, as everyone before him has done? And what is the gift that she gives him, a gift that will change his life?

In An Unexpected Gift, bestselling writer Ajay K Pandey brings to us an emotionally resonant story that questions everything we believe about friendship, love and motherhood.

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One step at a time by Venkat Iyer

One Step at a Time by Venkat Iyer

One Step at a Time

One step at a time is a journey that takes place one by one. It’s a story with limited characters and how so many things revolved around so much.
The book has a deep sense of struggle and how one should over come it.

How life never really goes the way you want it to.
Somedays it just keeps spiralling down. It’s about the strength of all mental/ physical that needs to be needed mostly mental strength which will get you through tough times like these.

I loved how every character was given a sketch and it felt like a photo time line of sorts. And there were quoted to uplift.

The story was simple and had deep bravery kneaded within it.
So much to learn as always

Overall 4/5.

Knotty Affairs by Dr.Chirag Bagadia.



A land of countless customs, few things in India get bigger than a big fat wedding. A marriage is a celebration which brings families and friends together. And the ceremony ends with the tradition of the bride leaving her parents’ home and moving in with her husband. The groom always has a choice-he can either stay with his parents or stay separately. However, for the bride her ‘home’ is now a strange place.
Meet Aakash, a young dental intern, who falls in love with Kashish. However, what he doesn’t know is that winning her heart was never going to be easy. Kashish is resolute-nothing, not even their budding romance, will come in the way of her devotion to her parents.
Cut to four years later. Akash has fallen in love with Aneri, the only daughter of her parents. However, his father is clearly miffed by this development, and enlists the help of a psychologist friend to help Aakash. Furthermore, his father is also not surprised at the couple’s request of entering into a live-in relationship before the marriage. But is Aakash ready to challenge the existing customs for his love? Is he prepared to go to any lengths to see that his love does not shed another tear?
Take this tradition-defying journey with Aakash, Kashish and Aneri as they dare to delve deeper into the web of love and relationships. Warm up to their crazy antics which will leave you wondering-why can’t this be my story?!



Dr Chirag Bagadia is a Mumbai-based dentist who runs his own private clinic, Moonsmile Dental Care and Multispecialty. He has completed his BDS from YMT Dental College in 2008 and holds an MA in Yogashashtra from Somaiya College. When he is not busy designing smiles for his patients, he works as a yoga consultant, catering to high profile clients on a personal basis.

His debut novel, Knotty Affairs is a powerful story questioning the roots of Indian marriage. A heart-warming tale about friendship, love, family, and everything in between, this book is a result of his long-standing aspiration and acute interest in creative fiction-writing.




I’d firstly like to comment on the grandiosity of the cover and how beautiful it looks! The title makes sense as to how difficult things are for marriage not just two people getting married but altogether two different mindsets as well. Loved it how it is based on a medical student which could be authors personal experience as well. Being a medical student myself and seeing the relatable places such as Nerul and other such incidents made it so very relatable to me. It’s a simple story with good narration. I really love how the description of every Incident is there. It’s a bit long read.
It’s the story of Dr. Akash and his ventures with getting married and having a happy life. All the ups and down of the roller-coaster has been condensed and tried to be out in the book.

Overall 3.5/5.

Lurker – by Smriti Gour



Blurb :

What if there was a lurker living in the depths of your mind whose sole purpose seems to be getting you to feel sad, insecure and lacking in all senses of the word? What is it like to be stalked by your worst fears and your deepest, darkest thoughts? What if all your suppressed thoughts were suddenly all you can think about? ‘She shows up out of the blue one day and I’m very unprepared for her to make a permanent place in my life. But as I find out soon enough, I have no control over what she does and says. As her claws dig deeper in my life, I see it all spiralling out of control. Soon, I am reduced to a mess who cries at the slightest hint and closing off all doors which might help. I want help but reject it when offered and I watch helplessly as my life as I knew it crumbles around me. She seems to have a hold on every aspect of my life. Sometimes silent and sometimes verbose, but always hitting right where it hurts. ‘Her’ – the villain of the protagonist’s life and this story. The story is a first person encounter with ‘her’, the personification of depression.


About the Author:

Smriti is a writer, counsellor and trainer. After completing her Master’s in Biology with a major in Psychology from New York University, she began working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Lurker is her first book, born out of her experiences with her patients with Depression. The need to understand Depression lurking in the corners of the mind resulted in this novella. Smriti aspires to write more about mental disorders in a fictional setting to raise understanding and awareness. She is also in the initial stages of starting her own program for people with special needs.


Review :

Just after reading the blurb I was very intrigued to know the content. And as mental health is rising this book just helps you understand it better.
And so many more instances where you know ah yes this happens with me as well.

Starting off with the cover it’s themed dark how one is loosing themselves because of the depression or be it any other mental health. Darkness is surrounded. One way to go about it that the person is light itself but cannot see because all they see around is darkness.
We become way too complicated than we are. This book feels like a long overdue conversation with depression that one needs to have.

There are so many relatable lines. So many things that we stop noticing and observing that used to bring in peace long back to us.
Everything seems to feel like a hustle.

The book is very well written.
I didn’t get bored or feel like stopping to read it at all. The book is broken down into chapters and sessions. The narratives given by the author are really mesmerising and so real as if she went through it too!

The first line ” I closed my eyes, tired already”
So many lines like these have poetic meaning to them!
The idea is very unique and I’m so in awe with the book.
It’s a beautiful addition 🙂
One must definitely read it!

Overall 4/5.


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