The Aravalli Princess by Arti Rai


Troubled by her father’s stubbornness and conservative temperament, the spirited young woman Sukanya desperately wants to run away from her dad’s villa. To find a way out she enrols in a postgraduate course in travel and tourism. With her all weather friend Ailsa Smith, she meets an American writer and businessman, Eric, at Jaipur Literature Festival in a comedy of errors. Eric recognises her talent and inspires her to write a novel as a means to be famous and thus earn freedom from her dad’s castle. The Aravalli Princess is a saga of a budding writer , adventure , ambition and friendship.


Aravalli princess is a heartfelt book giving a personal touch by the author of it being somewhat of the story a part of her struggle as well. The cover is really colourful and goes along well. The cover reminds me of Sudha Murthy’s book covers. The story follows a simple and very relatable plot where the lead needs to explore alot about herself and how much potential she has. The way every sentence has been crafted is really commendable. Being from a family which has restrictions the story is relatable. The story keeps you gripped. Overall a good read.


Life is a Treasure Hunt by Priti.

Life is a Treasure Hunt by [Priti]



It is totally Spiritual concept which gives an understanding about why we are born and what best we can do with our life to do good karmas and what all factors we can consider so that we develop a pure quality Soul by understanding the concept of true and real Conscious.



Life is a treasure hunt consists of 19 chapters and a total surrender where it has been summarised with what to do in order to get back balance in life.
The initial chapters focus on some aspects of yoga, chakras, happiness and Karma’s.

Some chants have also been given in the book as well which can help to gain certain peace of mind.
The cover is really simple I guess something else could have been worked upon it.
The various stages of yoga have also been mentioned. So the thing is what I absolutely loved is the simple language where things have been explained well. The initial chapters deal with having to believe in a higher power and how does karma and balance work.
Attachments in life and all that we do. The book is really a short read and you will most definitely learn what to apply in your life and make the most out of this book

Overall 3.5/5

In conversation with Suchismita Ghoshal.



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Hailing from a small city Malda, West bengal, Suchismita Ghoshal dreams high to touch the sky keeping her feet to the ground. Her schooling was completed from Barlow Girls High School from Malda. She is 21 & completed her graduation in Zoology. She pursued a course on advanced diploma in computer application too.

She has always been a curious soul from childhood & used to observe things intensely .
She is a philanthropist by heart, a nature lover, die-hard believer of humanity & an avid follower of supreme soul. Along with these knacks, she is also an avid reader, writer, poet, muser, scribbler, essayist, storyteller & a published author . She recently joined an NGO , “Prayas” to contribute a little to the society. She has been in this profession for 4 years & loves to write poetry, short stories, articles & anything inspires her. She enhances her writing skills by feeling each & every incident through her heart.

There was a time when she was totally shattered suffering in depression, as if life had touched a gun over her head & she remained separated from her peers , absolutely desolate ,when writing healed her becoming a light of hope. She felt right clutching the fingers of literature, now she loves spending her time drowning in words & verses. She takes life easy now, & whenever she feels low, portrays her feelings through the canvas of her scribblings. Simplicity is the thing she prefers the most.

This literary journey has been enchanting till now. She has been a published co-author of more than 100 anthologies till now, most of them are in the process of publication. She has also been published by some international anthologies like “She Will Speak Series”, based on raising voice against the atrocities on women , A No. 7 issue of a renowned american literary magazine named “Genre: Urban Arts” etc.

She has explored new ideas as blogger too. She is a verified member & blogger of “She Will Speak” women empowering community. She works as a columnist in a indian digital news website “The Post India”, a content writer of “Obaa”, powered by Girltable community, a regular contributor of renowned americal news website, ” The Good Men Project” & she recently got her article published by an australian digital news website ” Decent eNews”.

She works as a creative writer & web content writer on various community like The Poet’s Weed, Peholics , Buzzure Media Works, Fantasised, Untravelled Destination, Inkophile, The Inked Square, Ink That Never fades, & many more…

As a compiler she is currently compiling & editing 3 books, ” Unspoken Tales of a Hero”, “Eden of Memories”, & ” CELESTIAL” which will soon be available in various websites.

She loves travelling & gains inspiration being a nature lover. She is keen to photoshoots , working as a freelance model & loves acting on theatres.

In a word, she patronizes every sphere of artistic world.

She aspires to be a good author as well as a book reviewer in near future.

She is available on Instagram with the username – @storytellersuchismita

& her email id goes with –





1) When did you start writing?

Ans : I was a very curious kid on my childhood. I used to experiment the things carefully & observed my surroundings with great patience. It was about 4 years ago when I started scribbling down my thoughts on my diary, eventually I found an app “Mirakee” followed by “YourQuote” which enhanced my writing skills a lot . Day by day, my knack for words & verses increased & writing turned into my passion. Hence, this passion transformed into a very important part of my life.

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I Also Slept With Rashmi Verma by Love Thon

I Also Slept With Rashmi Verma by [Thon, Love]


I Also Slept With Rashmi Verma is a college campus story with a central love interest forming the backbone of the book where the author loves the lead protagonist Rashmi Verma and tries unsuccessfully to have sex with her only to succeed right at the end. She, in turn, sleeps with all his friends and denies him all the time. This central theme of erotic love forms the backbone of campus life with college festivals, group fights, pot smoking, chaddi grabbing and stealing of examination papers. You will meet quirky characters like Peanut John, Raizada, Ani Bahal and Mama Molester. Come get laid this winter. She is waiting – our very own Rashmi Verma. It is going to be one f*** of a read.



The book has two parts one which deals with alot of important issues and one where there’s alot about college life. The cover is beautiful trying to show the power in women, the different shades of emotions and what not.

The title I didn’t like it much could have been something else. The book seemed like a drag at some places where the friend is trying to sleep with her.

The last few pages really does hit you alot with the emotions and pain Rashmi might have gone through.
For me the second half of the book was good

Half of the book is also written in hinglish which I didn’t like much.
To sum it up good read for one time.

The narration could have been better

Overall -4/5

In conversation with Sanchari Das.


Hailing from the city of joy, Kolkata, Sanchari Das is a recent graduate who is currently pursuing a creative writing course to improve her writing skills and also doing a job as a part-time content writer. She has contributed to multiple anthologies besides publishing her book of poetry, “Leisure”, along with her debut novel, “Not Just a Love Story”. She aspires to become a great author someday and inspire millions of readers through her writing. Presently, she is a part of a writing community named “Scribbled Feels”. She loves writing book reviews and travelogues on her blog. Apart from reading and writing, she also loves to paint, dance and travel, and feels an intimate connection with music.



1) Is the course helping you do better?

: Yes, it is. It taught a lot of do’s and don’ts of writing along with teaching a few tricks and little habits to adopt in order to grow as a writer.

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In conversation with Samridhi Aneja



Samridhi Aneja, is a writer, graphic designer and student. She is pursuing her Masters in Design (Multimedia) from BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar.Having an experience in writing research papers, articles, blogs, quotes, dialogue, she has (2) ISSN numbers and (2) ISBN numbers to her credit. Also, the founder, designer, manager and mentor at GRAPHIXIE (portal for professional graphic design services.)She also takes keen interest in participating in Open-Mic events in her city.

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