Short not so sweet stories – Jatin Khandelwal



Every story has a happy ending.”
“All’s well that ends well.”
Right? Well, what if it isn’t?
A delectable Biryani that feels a little too tangy on your palate; a son emulates his father but a little differently, eluding his tryst with destiny; a struggling artist takes a detour via a road not taken, and that makes all the difference; star-crossed lovers defy all odds to stay together and entwine as they never imagined; an unbreakable bond of friendship between two friends that leaves one of them unusually incomplete.
Short, Not So Sweet is a collection of 14 short stories that will stoke an unsettling whirlpool of emotions within you. Each story will resonate with the reader and leave a strong lingering afterimage. Are you game for a soul-stirring rollercoaster ride of words?

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Not so sweet stories
Sometimes some books are just as they seem and this book is supposedly one of them.
From the moment you start reading this book author has you hooked up to it.
Be it the blurb, title and even the cover of the book.

The cover is black in colour and showing up a coffee cup which means a conversation or a gossip taking place.

The title is really apt as far as all the stories goes.

Being intrigued to the book since the start.
So the book is a collection of 14 stories. They are not related to each other.
Each story has its own element of surprise and emotion. Indeed the stories are not very long and the twists that keep happening in every story is really applauding.
You might think maybe this is how it will end but no.

What I felt is every story has a different meaning of endings as well. I felt an element of thrill and alot of emotions as well.

My favourite stories were biryani, invisible lines and metro.

The narration of the stories is on to the point without any drag to the story.

And it’s really an amazing read along with your coffee or just to spend some time with books.
Can be read by anyone due to the easy words and flow of the stories.
Overall 4/5.


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