Potpourri: stories for children by Urvashi Tandon.

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The sea fascinates Isabelle, and Robert loves his treehouse. Anna’s adventures are exhilarating, and it is gratifying to see Prakash achieving his goals.
Save the planet!
What kind of society do we live in today?
Kids these days just won’t listen!
Potpourri attempts to address these issues by creating awareness in the pre adolescent age group who are at an age where they begin to understand and distinguish right from wrong. These short stories that integrate both fantasy and reality, manage to instil values and contribute to a better tomorrow.




Potpourri is a collection of 10 children stories which can be read out or given them to read. The stories are 4-5 pages long and very interactive because of the use of colourful graphics. Good imagery. Each of the ten stories have a small teaching based on our morals that we have been taught for a long time.
1) isabelle’s day at the beach: the first story teaches us the value about small things in life.
2) rohan and the talking parrot : rohan realizes what freedom is.
3) rajah and his best friend :teaches sharing is caring and about humanity.
4)anna and the buzz be: makes us realize that imagination is necessary and how happiness is important.
5)prakash wins a prize : teaches that dedication and health is very important.
6) sheru does a good turn :dogs are our best of friends.
7) a memorable vacation : how journeys have a vague route and could end up in different things.
8) the classroom disaster:how kindness saves the day and also how to learn from mistakes and bullying doesn’t lead you anywhere.
9) deepak gets rewarded :honesty is the best policy
10) uma gets lost at the farm :beauty of nature.

I loved the imagination and simple words. The graphics go along well with the words.
A great book.

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