Warming fumes -Saurabh Pant



This book is a vivid piece of poetry work by Indian author Saurabh Pant that generally focuses nature as its core theme to approach and study certain issues that are still vibrant.
A collection of poems with cartoons presented by Priya Verma from India and some photos shared by author’s Indian Google team, the work highlights issues of warming, tries to bring them in common picture and explain problems widely.
The book contains poems on nature of certain areas, highlights issue of urban heat and cultural stigma, the challenges of political factors in scene, and ultimately focuses on the multiple scenes dominating the nature.
Thus it is a work of natural poetry, the author has presented rhythmic styles on certain poems, and at last a work that is surely going to attract readers and help them enjoy this poetry collection for sure at large..



Warming fumes is a collection of poems mostly focused on upon nature. The title could have different meaning such as it’s the global warming or one’s thoughts due to the things happening around.
The cover is really simple but adds into the feelings.

So this book is a collection of poems about and mostly only revolves around nature. The starting few pages are about the author and where else can you find more stuff. The book is divided into several parts.

The book does not think about anything but splices up truth about todays environment for you.
What I really loved is how the poet wraps around nature and emotions weaved into poems.
The length of the poems are medium. They’re not to long or short. There are pictures accompanying the start of these sections. And there are drawings which i feel could have been a bit better or atleast coloured because it adds in a little monotonous feeling. The poems are about global warming, Antarctica and all that nature which is going into drain due to us.
My favourite part in the whole book was natural disaster. That section really did make me very emotional.

The book is sensitive.

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