The stranger’s bedroom – Bijoy Munshi


Imagine waking up on a stranger’s bed remembering nothing of your past. Ravish does, and is warmly greeted by Neha. He has been muttering two names in his sleep: Kriti and Rohan. Ravish is an introvert associated with the technology world. Neha is an outrageously curious woman and a firm optimist.What brings them together? Who are Kriti and Rohan and what’s their story?Welcome to this tale of emotions and the fight against consequences of our desire.

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The blurb really makes you curious about the story as to what happens next? Do they fall in love or what relation do they have together??

The cover is really catchy and intriguing it displays a mess and or different things one can be going in through. Shows a persons journey in as to relation between inside and outside. Also as seeing oneself as from a third person point of view.

The characters are few and have been depicted strong. The way the book starts and takes you through the twists and turns is what I really loved.

The suspense and thrill which builds in keeps you reading the book further.
I absolutely love the way author has penned down each scene with such ease.

It is a medium length book. Loved reading it throughout.


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