The Missed Beat by G.V. Subba Rao




Everyone knew Dr. Raj Kumar, the eminent cardiologist and the founder of Get Well Hospitals. But no one knew about a dark secret he nurtured within.

And then one day, his precious daughter Dr. Sheela, gets kidnapped! Hell breaks loose as a free fall of skeletons from the past start haunting him. In this roller coaster ride can he overcome the deadly combination of the present and the future?

Yet another hard ‘heart-hitter’ from G V Subba Rao. A tale of inconceivable, sinister sequence of events with a headlong rush of excitement.




Once I read the blurb I was really interested to know what the story really holds. The blurb is really catchy and the title is short and relates well to the cardiologist and also as to how it takes you through a thrill and catches your mind.

The book consists of amazing thrill and twists. I really loved how the author narrated the incidents you really feel you’re going through the scenes. The first half of the book was really my favourite after that it got a little difficult to understand so yeah.

It’s a good book with emotions of revenge and nail biting turns in the story.
It’s a little medium lengthy book.
Overall 4/5

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