Give Faith A Chance Kindle Edition by RUTUJA NAIK

Give Faith A Chance by [NAIK, RUTUJA]



“Faith has a vast meaning. Every person has his own definition of Faith, though it’s different from person to person, it plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. Give Faith a Chance is an ordinary tale of six weird teenagers residing in the busiest city of India named Mumbai, each having different cultural and social backgrounds, different personalities, different ideas. They undergo a lot of hurdles and troubles in their life because of often been ignored, misguided, unheard or misinterpreted by society or family. Come read the roller-coaster journey of Kiara – who is full of kindness, optimism, cheerfulness and about her friends. Will their never-ending whirlpool of events and their struggle for moving towards peace, success, dreams come to an virtuous end or will life keep on tossing thorns on them repeatedly? Will their belief waver with various obstacles or will they stand strong and fight their fears and preserve their faith? To Know their story must read- Give faith a Chance. A tale of friendship, love and faith”



A lovely book with alot of morals to say. Enjoyed reading the book throughout. A story based on faith, love and hope. I love how strong the title is and the cover which is really beautiful and somewhat sums up the story as well. I love how these friend’s are connected no matter whats going on in their lives.
A great read with amazing characterization.



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