When stars conspires- Shalu Thakur Dhillon

The universe may conspire against you. The stars may collude to bring you down. But God has a plan, always the best one for you. You need to trust it, live it and enjoy it.
Amrit, an accomplished doctor with a fetching personality, blames himself for his wife Niharika’s death. He is stuck in his past.
Arpita, a simple girl, fighting many complexes, cheated in her marriage, is not ready to trust anyone in life.
The Stars, ever conspiring, bring them together. But can they be together for a lifetime?
Is it facile for Amrit to let go off past?
Is it possible for Arpita to trust someone again?
Will Arpita ever be able to see herself through Amrit’s eyes?
How do the stars conspire bring Niharika into their lives?
Does the destiny unite them finally or push them away forever?




The cover is really matching. Simple and elegant and goes well with title. The blurb is heartfelt. The story is amazing. A light romantic read which will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions. The plot is common but has a twist to it. A nice light read. It is fast paced. It is a nice read with drama and romance. It gives us hopes and to hold on to things that matters the most to us. 

Overall 4/5.

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