Yes Sir I Killed My Dad!: A Sons Grief Kindle Edition by Anuj Tikku

Yes Sir I Killed My Dad!: A Sons Grief by [Tikku, Anuj]



The book is the story of the victim as he witnesses the unfolding drama of his Father’s Murder and the Mayhem unleashed by a bloodthirsty criminal Vijay Palande. The terror unleashed by his gang and the subsequent murder spree that rocked Mumbai during April 2012 are documented in this book as witnessed by the soul survivor. This is the stray of a grieving son groping in the dark for answers and trying to make sense of the tragedy that befell on him.



The cover of the book is not that great i feel it could have been much much better. The title is also scary and straight to the topic of the book. The book starts from episodes of Arjun’s life in Mumbai and how his father became a part of these crimes happening around and how it all broke him.
The words are simple and easy to understand. The plot is simple and not really very tough. The pace of the book varies at times. The characterization was alright as well. The book does involve in bringing alot of thrill to the reader.

A simple story with thrill wrapped in two stories across. Overall an alright read.


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