In conversation with poet Sakshi Walia.

Sakshi is a university student pursuing her degree in English literature. She started writing at the age of 13 and writing has been her passion since then. She has published three books so far and has been a part of many anthologies. She has recently been nominated for 100 aspiring authors of India. Apart from this she is also a slam poet and a football player. 

1) What do poems mean to you?
-An escape from reality.

2) When did you start writing?
 -When I was 13 years old.

3) What does your work mostly contain which feeling??

– A mix of desertion, abandonment, betrayal and guilt.

4) If you had to describe humans in one word what would it be?
 Paradoxical / Contradictory. ( A bundle of contrary traits.)
                  “Know then thyself, presume not God to scan,
                    The proper study of mankind is man”.
                   — Alexander Pope

5) A small three word message for our readers?
Never stop dreaming. ( Dreams are what makes us human, and once we stop dreaming we die before we are dead.)

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