Lurker – by Smriti Gour



Blurb :

What if there was a lurker living in the depths of your mind whose sole purpose seems to be getting you to feel sad, insecure and lacking in all senses of the word? What is it like to be stalked by your worst fears and your deepest, darkest thoughts? What if all your suppressed thoughts were suddenly all you can think about? ‘She shows up out of the blue one day and I’m very unprepared for her to make a permanent place in my life. But as I find out soon enough, I have no control over what she does and says. As her claws dig deeper in my life, I see it all spiralling out of control. Soon, I am reduced to a mess who cries at the slightest hint and closing off all doors which might help. I want help but reject it when offered and I watch helplessly as my life as I knew it crumbles around me. She seems to have a hold on every aspect of my life. Sometimes silent and sometimes verbose, but always hitting right where it hurts. ‘Her’ – the villain of the protagonist’s life and this story. The story is a first person encounter with ‘her’, the personification of depression.


About the Author:

Smriti is a writer, counsellor and trainer. After completing her Master’s in Biology with a major in Psychology from New York University, she began working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Lurker is her first book, born out of her experiences with her patients with Depression. The need to understand Depression lurking in the corners of the mind resulted in this novella. Smriti aspires to write more about mental disorders in a fictional setting to raise understanding and awareness. She is also in the initial stages of starting her own program for people with special needs.


Review :

Just after reading the blurb I was very intrigued to know the content. And as mental health is rising this book just helps you understand it better.
And so many more instances where you know ah yes this happens with me as well.

Starting off with the cover it’s themed dark how one is loosing themselves because of the depression or be it any other mental health. Darkness is surrounded. One way to go about it that the person is light itself but cannot see because all they see around is darkness.
We become way too complicated than we are. This book feels like a long overdue conversation with depression that one needs to have.

There are so many relatable lines. So many things that we stop noticing and observing that used to bring in peace long back to us.
Everything seems to feel like a hustle.

The book is very well written.
I didn’t get bored or feel like stopping to read it at all. The book is broken down into chapters and sessions. The narratives given by the author are really mesmerising and so real as if she went through it too!

The first line ” I closed my eyes, tired already”
So many lines like these have poetic meaning to them!
The idea is very unique and I’m so in awe with the book.
It’s a beautiful addition 🙂
One must definitely read it!

Overall 4/5.


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