Still Loved…Still Missed! : The Myriad Hues of Souls by Mridula



“Still loved…Still missed! The myriad hues of souls” is a collection of 14 short stories and a poem. These stories span characters and emotional states with canny details that touch the depths of your soul. Picturing the complexities of love, misery and mystery, the stories try to gnaw your heart like never before.

What does a flower teach us we often fail to see?

“The belly is an ungrateful wretch.” Is it true?

Once Tasha obtains a treasure in her garden, what happens next?

Ever wondered about the sparseness and illusions in life?

Does death put an end to true love?

Have all the ascetics won over their emotions?

With the power of simple language, this book transports the readers to a world scarcely thought of in our bustling lives. The allegories maintain an intense rhythm of life prompting the readers to perceive things from a unique angle.

“A whole bookful to make you think, cry, think again and move on.” ”


Firstly I really loved reading it throughout there wasn’t a point where I felt I should stop here. The beauty of this book is the stops you’ll make in between to understand the importance of emotions in life. And so much being said in simple words.

The book contains 14 short stories and few poems both of which are written brilliantly.
The cover is blue which always bring out a deep sense of something said and some of it always remaining a mystery. An innocent melancholic colour. The title brings out more nostalgia in you. How a person is still loved and missed no matter what they go through.
The author had me glued in the first story itself where the loneliness or need of one has been written it’s my most favourite story. How the sepal never gets enough credit. The other stories are also about sadness. What I really loved is from the first story itself how the author focused on something that remains right in front of us but we don’t observe it much.
Such detailing can be seen in the other stories too. The stories have been written so beautifully as if they are poems. This book is pure and full of so many emotions that one will go through.
One day someday, resilience, bluebell in woods and sepal were my most favourite in the book.
The book is a short read with alot of depth and insights to every sentence. Can’t wait for another and much longer book by the author.
Overall 4/5.


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