3 Steps To Himalayas: A Practical Guide To Achieve Your Goals by Ramesh Kundu





We have become prisoners of our times and the result is a stressful lifestyle. This race to compete with everyone else is leading to irreversible destruction of the environment and social institutions. We have more comforts now, but pay the price with serious health problems & psychological issues. We are less happy now and peace of mind is just missing from our lives.
This book is an attempt to look at simple solutions for all such challenges faced by a majority of us.
Going to class with swollen faces after being slapped for 150 times; spending three days & nights in a police lock up; your friend fighting back a leopard with bare hands & surviving; watching helplessly as a person is hacked to death in front of you – all these experiences have brought enough learnings for a lifetime which have been shared in this book.
To live a stress-free life, we have to understand and face our fears, understand and find reasons for our limiting beliefs, have control over our anger and suppress our greed.
Self-awareness, self-management and self-development are the keys to evolve and make our lives better. For being successful, we need to re-look at our passion and skillsets, and find opportunities for what we are good at.
Let us start our journey to the Himalayas…



3 steps to Himalaya is a self help book which deals with breaking down your goals.
The book tries to tell you that every problem has a three step solution where Himalaya is your goal(problem) 1- is to know your goal. 2- know about your goal 3) how Passionate one is about their goals.

The author takes you to a journey with live examples and stories of how one needs to keep trying and needs to focus on the positives rather than the negatives.

Every chapter has some giveaway which basically follows the pattern of a story- analysing it and then a solution with points one needs to focus upon

How knowledge, skill and attitude is important for every step that you take.
The book has been written in a simple format and language.

I really enjoyed assessing my weakness and strengths using some scales which were given in the start of the book.
The cover is simple and goes along well with the title.

The book deals with perception, faith and fullproof plan that one needs to always have.

The book also focuses upon experiences and how it forms a major role in your life.

A good read.


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