Netaji Bose, who led the Indian National Army to wage battles against the British, allegedly died in an air crash in Taipei, Taiwan soon after the Second World War came to an end. Did he really die in the air crash or was it a fabrication? This question was considered by three inquiry commissions, the last of which came to the clear conclusion that there was in fact no air crash. Each report is carefully dissected by the author, a trained international lawyer and public intellectual.
If Bose did not in fact die in the air crash, where did he go, what happened to him, and when, where and how did he meet his end? Why did Prime Minister Nehru keep Bose-related files away from the first committee that conducted an enquiry? Why did India’s first prime minister order that surveillance be carried out on the Bose family for decades? Why did Prime Minister Morarji Desai speak of new evidence that challenged the conclusions of the first two inquiries that Bose had died in an air crash? Why did Desai subsequently fall silent? This book provides explanations on all the important questions that have plagued Indian minds for decades. The mystery behind the springing tiger’s disappearance is finally unlocked.
If Gandhi’s non-violent struggle represented the feminine spirit of ‘ahimsa’ Bose and the INA’s struggle represented Indian manhood in its fullest flowering. In freedom struggles across the world, some of those who fought the hardest are subsequently ignored. If we apply the necessary corrective to the history of Indian independence, the author argues, we will change India’s view of itself and its place in the world, past, present and future.



There are not many books based on Subhash Chandra Bose and how it all happened at all. This book deals with how/what had happened along with his relations with other politicians. His work and other areas have been focused about. In the start the description of each chapter is given. What really lures you to read the book is about the disappearing and the extensive description of each event that took place along with references. The book is a really well researched one one could only imagine about the possible probabilities. It shows a part of him that was never given credit. Alot about his personal life has been given about too. The author focuses on his work and makes you to come to the conclusion. The book has been written in simple language so as to keep clarity and as well as this could be dealt with mass of readers. The cover is simple along with a picture of Subhash Chandra Bose. If you want to know what had happened and to dive in a little more about history you should definitely read it. The book does not get boring even after being so long as it has been narrated well with detailed description. Overall an informative read and adds on to your knowledge. There are quotes given by Subhash Chandra Bose in the starting of chapters.

Overall 4/5.


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