Mind, Life & Reflections by Payal Jain


Mind, Life & Reflections by [Jain, Payal]


From birth to death we all go through series of emotions, breakthroughs and transformations that upholds our way of ‘being in the world’ by means of our perceptions and reflections whittling our mind and soul. ‘MIND, LIFE & REFLECTIONS’ explore these lessons penetrating the emotions we feel through the perceptions of our mind about the experiences of life and how the same reflect on us shadowing or revealing our true self giving meaning to our existence.’MIND, LIFE & REFLECTIONS’ is a book on self-discovery kindling the thought and lighting fire within. It continuously unleashes the dormant energy within to recognise self-worth and take a step forward, unhindered, and untamed to rise to your full potential while taking you through your own life journey.“Simplicity of life is in living happy and helping others to live happy. It is there, where joy comes from. Brilliant writing.”- Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister Delhi“Peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance, remind yourself to be grateful of the simple things. Life journey and the lessons beautifully expressed!”- Anup Jalota, Singer“Payal asks the questions we didn’t even know could be asked and guides you to find answers within you. This book unravels you and binds you in a better shape. A brilliant read.”- The Bookoholics



The book gives you a positive vibe since the very cover page is full of colors and makes you realize there is so much within one. The title has also been chosen wisely so as to put in a the variety that has been in the book. The book is basically the human anatomy of mind and life broken down into various chapters which begins with a poem , an art piece and then about the topic by the author with various quotes which have been explained. With personal experiences to really relatable topics and places where we go wrong this book is an great read. The book just flows in range of the topics and as well as in the narration too. The poems and art work after every chapter makes you ponder and think quite a lot. It is an overall book with solutions and a friend which will help you. The topics are guilt, regret, love, insecurities, how to get backup and many other things that we go through in the day
A book around positivity taken by a different approach.
Really loved reading it.


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