When Blessings Come: Life Becomes Beautiful by Ranjit Arora


Blessings are a wonderful gift from the Almighty which come when you pray with a true heart. This book unravels those moments when such blessings are received and life takes a pleasant turn, resulting in everything falling in place. The book is a collection of short stories from the author’s own life and of his dear ones where the Almighty showered his blessings, thus ending their struggle and gifting beautiful and joyous moments. Although difficult to understand, everybody experiences situations in life when their prayers are answered and tough times in hindsight seem to bring the most positive changes. The author has succinctly narrated how he handled tough situations with courage, conviction, and impressions others left on him that shaped his life. The stories hope to make the readers relive similar experiences from their own lives. Life becomes beautiful when you develop new relationships, turn strangers into friends with a good attitude and empathy, and express gratitude to people who are the harbingers of good tidings and to the Almighty for His blessings, sometimes consciously summoned or naturally received.



Blessings can come in various forms in the smallest of package or something really life changing. This book is a personal book full of incidents that has happened with the author from school-college too even writing the book. Everything can be possible with the help of blessings and realizing those small incidents that take place in one’s life. This book is a collection of happenings from his life into short stories. Every story is from a different time period of his life. The book is kind of a one time read with personal incidents one might relate to. I felt some of the stories in this book very mediocre. The cover goes well with the title but I feel the book could have done better.

A one time read with light stories and incidents that will refresh your memories.

Overall – 3/5.


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