Walk Out of Your Head : How To Knockout Overthinking & De-clutter The Mind by Haqiqat Ali



Walk Out of Your Head : How To Knockout Overthinking & De-clutter The Mind by [Ali, Haqiqat ]



Let me tell you a thing!
You can stick to alkaline water.
You can hit the gym six days a week, for years.
You can stick to all the veganism in the world.
You can calculate nutrients intake and take supplements for your body.
But if you don’t take care of the chaos going on in your head, you are still unhealthy!
You may be the smartest living animal,< but if you overthink, you will get your mind cluttered.
And if you do not de-clutter it, you will start living in your head, contemplate your thoughts over and over again, and take no decisions, no action!
Don’t do that, be the smartest animal…




The mind is at war almost all of the times. Thinking too much, nothing and suddenly everything may seem to go out of hand in no time. This book is about mental health and how de-cluterring it will help in an enormous load of from the life and make living easy. This book helps you realise that life is not impossible and anything can be done if you set your mind to. It is all about letting your mind sending signals and help you live better. The book has various chapters dealing with steps on how one can de-clutter there are personal incidents given by the author. The cover has a bright and positive effect on the reader. Easy language and a light short read as if you are having a conversation with your friend over coffee. Informative-short and enlightening!

a boost of positivity.

overall -4/5


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