A Woman Unparalleled: The Millennial’s Guide to Create One’s Self Worth – Preet Sandhu



A Woman Unparalleled: The Millennial's Guide to Create One's Self Worth by [Sandhu, Preet, Sandhu, Preet ]



As a businesswoman, I have gone through several phases and have done much learning and unlearning to reach where I am today. As per my understanding, writing involves a deep understanding of life experiences and teachings. In this book, I have penned down all my experiences to light up the way for others in their journey.
This book will contain everything starting from motivation, to information to experiences. This book will issue some of the major problems that we face today not only in our professional lives but also in our personal lives. While reading this book, readers will learn three paths of life, i.e. the paths of Identification, Realization & Implication.



This is the book that I read once I wokeup this morning and It could not have been a better start than this. So this book revolves around the authors life and the good things she has learnt and extracted from life from time to time. The book has its personal touch because of all the personal experiences put up in this. So the book has various chapters on how one can live a fuller life and what mistakes we all often do like not believing in self. The chapters are divided into such parts which deals with self worth, fears and how to conquer. The book is written beautifully and keeps flowing. The book is like a journal which will definitely keep you indulged. Every chapter in the end has a take away. I guess one will always read and reread to learn more from the book. The cover could have been much better. I really liked the title which makes one curious and wants to know more about the book. This is the era of woman empowerment and this book focuses around how one should maintain balance as well in their mind and their professional life. How a hobby as in authors case writing can help you lead a much more filling life. This book is a small self-help kind of a book.
A short read that one will definitely like!
Overall -4/5.


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