Buddha On Wall-Street : Knowledge, Wisdom, Financial Moksha and Bliss by A.Venkatasubramanian





Can Money Buy Happiness?  How to Maximize your HQ (Happiness Quotient)? What is the Path to ‘Financial MOKSHA’? How to use your finances to Maximize your Potential? Why is Money like ‘Oxygen’?

BUDDHA on WALL-STREET is where western philosophies of maximizing wealth meet the eastern philosophies of moderation and maximizing happiness. This is where the United States of America meets Bhutan.

While BUDDHA on WALL-STREET is primarily a book on investments it seeks to redefine happiness from the perspective of ancient wisdom drawing on the source of true happiness.  It is materialism with contentment.

BUDDHA on WALL-STREET not only equips the reader with knowledge and wisdom to effectively maximize returns and manage one’s investments but also lays out a balanced approach to maximize one’s happiness.

In the material world there is a single pointed focus towards attaining wealthThis defeats the purpose it intends to serve, ending in misery rather than happiness. The book deals with the mechanics of how to maximize one’s Happiness Quotient (HQ).

The Book is a practical guide on how one should balance out one’s primal desires for infinite wealth with one’s HQ (Happiness Quotient). It is about securing our future with the right investments and managing our lives with the right attitude.



Finance plays an important roles in our lives but yet we’re not so very sure of how to manage it well. We always face some trouble every now and then. This book is just the answer for it. Written in an easy language it will make things easy for you and break down terms which are important as for investments. The title is really Catchy speaking up about financial moksha what I really liked it is how the author confined finance, happiness and wisdom all weaved into one book. The book has various sections focusing on investments and happiness and how to bring about a balance in between both. The financial terms have been explained in a simple manner with personal or examples which will make it easy to understand. The things that we used to believe in for investments will be totally shattered. You will be learning and relearning so many new concepts. Rule of 72. Learning about risks how to tackle. Long term/ short term investments, business analysis, balance sheets , macro investing, mutual funds, stocks, bonds. Every new chapter begins with a quote to sum it all up. And famous sayings by different people such as Warren buffet himself is also been put up. What are the essentials when you are investing what to look up. Everything about finance and investments has been covered up beautifully by the author. I’m sure one will benefit from it. Being a non finance student this made it easier for me to understand concepts which are used in and out in our daily finances. How can one overcome and learn from finances. Go slow and try to apply all that you grasp from this book. Book has alot of quotes and tables and real life examples. Might seem a little boring but if you have interest in the subject you will definitely find it of immense use!
overall -4/5.

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