The Fragrance of Sunshine by Sadaf Shakeel (poetry)




The Fragrance of Sunshine is a collection of poems, quotes and prose. The book is divided into five chapters and each chapter deals with a new subject covering a different shade of life; such as identity, love, tragedy etc. The musings bloom with the scent of hope to obliterate the odour of despondence.



The fragrance of sunshine is a suave collection of words and feelings we all go through everyday or at some point in our lives. Poem a day saves the day and sometimes our life too.

This book has a beautiful revolutionised sunflower picture with intricate designs in it. The blurb is clear telling you about the book. The cover really builds the curiosity to dive into the book. The book has poems, small quotes and prose about certain topics. The book has mostly small poems wrapped up in deep meaning which is relatable. The book is divided into 5 sections with 164 poems in the book which makes it an interesting read. The imagery in certain poems feels like it has come from the heart and resides so many different meaning in one poem. The poems deals with healing, pain and love most of the times. What I really enjoyed was reading poems on a variety of topics in one book, unsaid topics or topics which scare us.

One of my favourite poems in the book is Deception which goes like –

What pained me often

was how her smiles

never rose up to her eyes.


Definitely a book that will engage you and make you feel alot of things. GO for it.


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