Rail Romance by Krupa Sagar Sahoo






This book depicts the Indian Railways, part and parcel of the life of every Indian. The first part is a curious housefly’s account of its journey on the Coromandel Express. Eager to see the world beyond its habitat, the fly sees many different places and people before the train is halted in the face of a super cyclone. What happens to the passengers? How do different people react in the face of disaster? Does anybody come to their aid? Can they resume their journey? The second part is a collection of fascinating threads interwoven into a beguiling narrative: – Why did the daughter of a Station Master vanish from the colony one fine morning – ?How a Station Master is tormented by a cobra’s presence in his quarters. – Why a tea stall contractor invites the wrath of a Commercial Officer. – What happened to the coolie apprehended during a security drive? – Does the rodent elimination drive end in success or disaster? – Does the future son-in law of G.M Sahib get special treatment from the Railway staff? – How an old lady and a newly married girl display similar emotions when confronted by their spouses. – What happened to the family stuck in traffic congestion; do they make their train? The author, a retired Railway Officer, brings out the joys and woes, victories and failures of both railway main and rail users in a delightfully humorous style. The eventful journey on the Coromandel Express and the other stories about railway life, are bound to keep readers happily engaged to the very last page.




Another collection of stories which has been so well written and is relatable to anyone who has travelled from Indian railways atleast once in their lives. The title is also apt and makes one curious to read it further.The cover shows the exact representation of railway be it local station or a junction with loads of people from different walks of life, trains, rustling, noise. everyone running here and there to rush home or some other destination.  The cover is really amusing and real which creates one the curiosity to dig into the book as soon as one can. This particular book focuses on stories from the coromandel express. Each story is different and unique from the othet one these stories even have pictures given in the stories which adds to the imagination of the reader. The stories hold the reader together. The narration is beautiful, with good description that one would face when travelling in the trains. All the mess and beauty both of it together with easy to understand words. The stories are amusing and lovely.



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