Ursa by Gurbaz kaur


Ursa by [kaur, Gurbaz]



A collection about the notions existing under umpteen flaps of occurrences, where one mere happens to be around. A journey from a reproduced one to a human via soul. Metaphorically expressed how facile state of being is attained in the agry-bagry amongst one’s own thoughts. In spite acknowledging amalgam that is ought to be there in the way, there is a blend of ecstasy & belief.




What a better idea rather than reading a poetry book on a rainy day and engaging one into the depths and beauty of poetry.  The cover is so beautiful with a painting of flowers and thorns on it explaining what life is and what this book is a compilation of a little of salt and sweet.  The title ursa is so unique which means – a stone used for grinding sandalwood, a stone neither worshiped nor kicked.The poetry is based on love, inner musings,his and her poetry. This book leaves you with a calming feeling with each every and poem that you keep going on further into the book. The vocabulary is extensive and easy to understand except a few words.  Every poem ranges from small two sentences to a page length poem. The poems shows the beauty of nature the way the poetess has weaved words which will really land you down into a magical world inside her mind. The way the poetess has described each poem is really commendable. The elements of each poem bring in a different imagery. This book is definitely to be read and kept into one’s poetry collection.

overall – 4/5.


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