Polygon of Asymmetry by Vyankatesh Katkar


Polygon of Asymmetry by [Katkar, Vyankatesh ]




‘POLYGON OF ASYMETRY’ is really different because it is not dull and boring as most general social fictions are. It is racy like a thriller, full off interesting and gut churning events. Every page of this book is an absorbing experience. You will like to finish before you put it down. It is a remarkable story of a brave and wise orphan girl, who manages to extricate herself from most horrendous circumstances time and again. Then she wisely uses her wisdom and charm to secure her future to rise to great heights from the ashes of her past. And then destiny brings her face to face with a most sacrilegious dilemma that leads to tragic end. She rises again through her ashes again to live another story that is greater and grander in its essence and the message that, in spite of own suffering at the hands of society and destiny it is possible to dedicate one’s life to the selfless service of mankind. The real flavor of this drama can be absorbed only through personal reading of those pages.




This book is filled with twists and descriptive narration of every single event that takes place. The story revolves around uma and her life. How she has endured so much of pain and ill-treatment. The book comes off really strong. The suspense to what will happen ahead. Characterization is beautiful too. The story is full of so many issues and personal wreck one goes through. from being an orphan girl to getting true love. Uma has shown as how woman can be so strong , endure and break off all the shackles. The book has the potential to make you emotional in so many instances. The book is written in simple english. The cover is plain could have been made better. the title makes sense after you read the whole story. Of how nothing will make sense when it is messed up and make all sense with only time. Themes covered are societal problems. The book is full of suspense and drama.

overall -4/5.

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