One Night Stand : Search of true by BS Rathi


One Night Stand : Search of true love by [BS Rathi]



Can love and sex be separated and distinguished from each other?
It is common for human beings to get attracted to each other. Question is what creates such attraction? Love or physical need?
Such attraction, at times, can be so tempting or so strong that it crosses the boundaries created by the society.  Has society’s dynamic standards of morality and ethics changed so much to accept such things pardonable? Or certain moral values are sacrosanct?
A successful corporate executive, his legal wife and two happily married women face these questions at different phases of their lives and take contrasting stands. Read the novel to find out where their contrasting stands on love, sex and relationships lead their life to.



starting with the cover it is simple and matches well with the title. The author has written about sex which people don’t talk about much. Kudos to the author for writing  a book with having a story revolving around it.The story is around romance.  Iqbal and namrata were married but things did not work for them well. Iqbal turns into a person who has become a womanizer now due to his first heartbreak. The way twists has been given is a turning point to the story where everything changes and it makes sense. What is right or wrong. The narration has been done well and in simple language. The characterization has been done properly too. The book keeps flowing.  Pace of the book is medium. It is a little long read.The story is easy to understand too. One should give this book a read definitely. worth the time.



characterization- 4/5.



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