The Final Truth of God Soul and Salvation Demystified – by Vyankatesh Katkar


The Final Truth of God Soul and Salvation Demystified



The book, ‘The Final Truth of God Soul and Salvation Demystified’ speaks about core spiritual philosophies and nothing else. All extraneous matters have been strictly excluded. It is written in question and answer format for the sake of clarity and ease to understand. The true value of this book lies in demystification of spirituality through crystal clear SSclarity of thought that is devoid of ambiguities and vain mysticism. The book puts forth many fresh philosophical views, which are contrary to that of established religious dogmas and philosophies on many vital aspects of spirituality. The book is a product of long years of study, meditation, contemplation and spiritual enquiry. It is a potential rabble-rouser, as it strikes very hard at heart of established pseudo spiritual beliefs and practices. Even a cursory look at content index will give good overview of the book. This book is must read for all enquiring minds. None of the present religion answers all the questions regarding spiritual matters that arise in the mind of intelligent and scientifically grounded mind. And there is no unanimity regarding various fundamental and vital questions regarding nature of God, soul and particularly about meaning of salvation and ways to achieve that.



From the cover itself you know it is a spritual book. The title is also apt as per the book plot. The book is in questions and answer format. Which helps you in breaking down the most asked questions to ourselves answered in simple language and helps you understand the universe a little much more better. The book also has key points in the end which summarizes the book in short. Alot of concepts will be cleared and some will lead you much more curious. The book has been well researched and written.The theme is spritual.  The book is ideal for people who have interest in this genre or have just began to know about this. Language is simple. The book is a short read. The book is divided well into chapters. Karma, spritual science, soul, cosmos.The author has made this book easy for people who want to know everything summarized. The book is a short read.


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