Letters in the Rain -Anubhav Shrivastava





Quite early in his life, Aman had been labelled a ‘weirdo’. His side-parted, oil soaked hair and gawky physique made him the butt of jokes among his peers. There is nothing spectacular in his life—he studies all day, has never had an interaction with a girl that lasted more than five minutes, and scribbles his inner musings into his best friend, a personal diary.

Deep down, however, the guilt of being considered a social killjoy by the society starts to have a negative impact on him.

When forced out of his solitary shell into the action-infused warehouse that is ‘college’, Aman’s life takes a drastic U-Turn. Owing to a Chemistry project, he is forced to partner up with Kiara—a cheerful, carefree soul who tucks away her dark, brooding past upon arriving in Manipal.

What follows is a series of awkward encounters and quirky adventures; ones that throw them in the deep end and make them face their worst fears.



The book cover is in blue and is really attractive ,depicting a love story. The book is written in simple easy to understand english and is a short read. The book will take you on a trip from jr college days to your degree college days. What I really liked about the book is the story is simple and yet flowing. The poems and letters throughout the book makes it interesting. It is the story of aman and kiara. Aman is an introvert and kiara is magic. Of how their friendship is formed in manipal and how things fall apart. Less characters are there in the story which helps in keeping the clarity. Importance of friendship in ones life which help you become a better version of you. The story also tells you how maintaining a balance is necessary between work and life. A short yet amazing read.

overall -3.5/5.

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