Black Coffee Paperback –by Priyanka Nawalgaria



BLURB – Meet Tamanna, a young ,beautiful and fun loving girl who marries Saarthak, rich, introvert and simple. Sounds fine, right? No, not really. Reason being Raj. Years later, she accidentally bumps into Raj . His short visit into her life only increases the vacuum that he had created ages ago. This void is then filled by a sudden entry in her life in the form of Aadil who sweeps her off her feet. They both fall for each other but in an entirely different manner. Frustrated by the various emotional and heart-breaking twists and turns, she finds solace in a beautiful and unexpected friendship. But before anything can happen a series of misunderstandings manage to ruin everything in Tamanna’s sweet little world . What happens that makes all of Tamanna’s relationships sour? What is it that makes her break all her ties ? Walk into Tamanna’s shoes to experience her transformation to Black Coffee- Dark and Strong


REVIEW  –  The title and cover are nice, going along with the book. The blurb is quite telling you the story, it has alot of twists when you start to read it. The book felt kind of fast paced with everything going haywire. Tamanna still being in love with raj- making hazy decisions and goes with the flow anything that is making her happy. Just because she could not move on. It is a light read, but not everyone will like it as much. The author has potential and can do much much more better.There are few characters but some more work on their characterization could be done. The They did not feel strong. language is lucid. I could not really relate well to the story-  felt no emotion as well. What i really liked was the end few pages where she says how she can live her life and not be defined by the society. How time has made her like black-coffee. With so many heartbreaks she has become tough and self less. It did have a message that self love is important.



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