Broken Crayons Can Still Colour: A Soldier and a Fighter – by Captain Rakesh Walia



blurb – An inspiring story of a remarkable man who never let life’s challenges get the better of him. Captain Walia’s book reminds us that human endeavour is limitless and shall always triumph over adversity.
Gul Panag
Actor and an Activist
Rakesh, it has been a great honour to read your life journey. You have so beautifully beaded words of emotion, humour and conviction to give the readers an experience that will last for a lifetime. Taking baby steps from a lonely, uncared child to making long leaps as a man of wisdom and success, you have always raised the bar for yourself, which are the true qualities of a great leader and a wise teacher. Congratulations for the hard work and dedication in writing this beautiful book, which I am sure, will most definitely, touch the hearts of many.
Dr Ranie K Nagra RAc, MBA, MSc, PHD
Entrepreneur and Author, Vancouver Island, Canada
Capt Rakesh Walia’s autobiography Broken Crayons Can Still Colour is a highly motivating book and a must-read for the youth who dare to dream big. An extremely absorbing and gripping narrative of his personal life, the book was difficult to put down once I started reading it. Captain, as he is fondly called, has an amazing personality and a pleasant demeanour with no trace of his traumatic childhood experiences. He joined Matrix in December 2006 and has been an asset to Matrix – one that I have come to greatly value.
Maj Gen M S Dugal, VrC
Chairman, Matrix Cellular (International) Services Ltd


Review – Captain Rakesh Walia, an ordinary man who lives an extraordinary life, brings you a book which engulfs the readers with his gripping real life story as a lone and orphan child, who overcame insurmountable odds to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a proud officer of Indian Army and later climbed the ladder of corporate success.

A man who fought for his dreams and his country with everything he had.

title and cover – The title and cover are apt to the book. Book is sort of an autobiography given from his point of view. His struggles and various experiences clubbed into a book Brilliantly.

Triumps back hope into life , letting us know hardwork is the only way to stay inspired and one needs to believe in themself.




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