Twenty Twenty: A Race Against Time by Anuraag Srivastava


BLURB – Life is a fast-paced Twenty20 game and you need to keep playing to win. Abhi and Aditi are siblings who want to realise their dreams in the ever upgrading world. In the midst of all the struggle and success, they get entangled in a strange web. If they are not able to resolve the crisis in twenty days, their very existence can come under threat. In short, they have to hit sixes on every bouncer thrown at them. Not just with the world outside, this ordeal is also a fight with one’s own character and principles.
Unwanted situations, unexpected turns, money and sex push them deeper into the web. Manipulations and treachery become the order. The hunter becomes the hunted. A vicious circle of betrayal and debauchery is created. ‘Twenty Twenty’ is a story of betrayal, deceit and relationships, where a master planner devises games, to get to his own ambition



TITLE AND COVER – The cover shows a race in being first in everything, that they are in haste and they are in a plan. The cover is relatable and also is the title when you read the whole book.

The blurb keeps the suspense stirring. The author has done a tremendous job in charcterization, you can actually imagine those two from the cover throughout the book.

abhi and aditi are in trouble and need an amount of 20 lakhs within two weeks – how they get the amount and make through the tension is described. at one time of the book, all you will find is hot romance brewing.

The relationship between the two siblings is very understanding. at the end of the book you will really feel like, what an amazing experience. thrill, suspense and what not. beautifully written with easy language.

the mastermind who thinks is the winner is not really winning, what happens?  do they manage the twenty or there life is at stake?read the book to know more.

overall -4/5

thankyou kalamos literary service for the book in exchange of an honest review.

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