Poetry book- The Tales of Crucified Blunt by Areesh Fatmee


The tales of crucified Blunt is like a black hole. It washes away the light and there’s just a gloomy grim darkness. It may not prove to be a soul relaxant yet it is something someone gasps reading after. Its a collection of tales from our lives. From our very own dark episodes of life. It might not solve the issues but it might assure
you that you do have issues with your soul. Mental banalities… Emotional chaos… and the disastrous social mockery.
Its terrible indeed.

About the Author

I am debonair feather swished away by the hideous. Humbly dependent upon words to express my emotions. The nib of my pen dripping with my blood as I bleed tales of agony and . The loop of chaos I pen down entangles the readers minds and leave behind a gasp and tear. My stories might not be the best out there but there is one thing that can be persuasive enough to make one read them is that “its all about you, me and them”


TITLE – at first you might be confuse it to be a short story collection by the name but as you dig into the book, you realise it’s beauty along with the title which goes along with it very well.

COVER-  vaguely beautiful and delicate. An amazing cover that moves parallel to the title.

ABOUT THE COLLECTION – there are lenghty poems in this, with slow narration the kind you may see in button poetry on youtube. All worth for slam poetry. Slow release of emotions is seen. The poetess has done an amazing job by evoking the emotions and keeping the reader hooked to each page. I Would really love the author perform one of the pieces. 3person narrative poems are seen. Infomative with divine imagery formed. the metaphors and other figures of speech is really delightful to read. Most of the work is really relatable. It is something we all go through in some part of our lives, or have it within us, of something that does not spill due to some reason. Those times when we feel weak, and seek for love. It is a beautiful collection.

THEMES COVERED- Love, fantasy, patriotism, parting.

FAV LINES- thou eyes which see naught but the concotion.

FAVOURITE POEMS- agony of isolation, bermuda inside of me, i am not alone, vindictive overload, you left, bubble of hope, love of hoax.

PAGE TURNER- definitely yes.

WHO SHOULD READ – as the language is lucid and accumulatively magnificient. all poetry readers and all readers in general too.




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