Poetry Book Review- Reneging Quiescence By Dr.Samiha Zubair

BLURB  BY THE AUTHOR – My book Reneging Quiescence, is a poke to the heart, a brushing up of memories piled under dust in a morgue of shed chronicles. The book is a reminder that sometimes conspiracy to silence makes us allies and victim to the sequelae of wrong deeds.



TITLE – It is beautiful title – instantly when i read the title, i didnt know these words so i had to find them in the dictionary. Reneging means – promise and Quiscence means – be still quiet. Now that the code is deciphered, you know how much beauty it will contain. As per author – Here Quiescence means silenced and Reneging from refusal.So Reneging Quiescence is for refusal to be silenced.

COVER – It is just like those day’s when you want to bleed out all the emotions. Compelling and close to one. Really gives you an insight about the poetess’smind. And beautiful night of curious poems.

ABOUT THE COLLECTION – It consists of 25 incredible poems which consist of rhyming and blank verses too.  A Strong collection with embraced and high quality use of words. One might need to google or use the dictionary to understand it, but is really worth all  of the time. The poetess has completely engaged her mind, with various aspects of one’s mind and soul. And social issues have also been tackled in the book. A deep informative collection of poem. The poetess has done a tremendous job. Appaling metaphors and words have been choiced to make this collection. You might even read a few poems many times to understand it’s depth and meaning. Certain quotes were also present before starting a few poems. Some poems even have easy language which makes this collection even more special. If the poetess could use a little more easy words alot more people will really adore it!

FAVOURITE POEMS – magic starts all over,  cradled memory, no place to gentle touch.

PAGE TURNER- definitely, yes for all poetry lovers!

RELATABLE- Yes, most of the times you will feel, she is spilling your mind and thoughts which we often dont show up.

OVERALL – 4.5/5

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6 thoughts on “Poetry Book Review- Reneging Quiescence By Dr.Samiha Zubair

  1. I am really on cloud nine and this expression just a lint of how happy i feel today from your review. Through your platform i want to thank Irum, CEO publisher, Aniqa for designing book cover and also for lot of others who became source of inspiration for me. Here Quiescence means silenced and Reneging from refusal.So Reneging Quiescence is for refusal to be silenced.

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  2. Hello i will be more than greatful if u can upload this review on eedition on Amazon . I had informed to irum zahra also . She responded by saying it has to be done by you . Ill be obliged n thanks once again


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