SecondChance At Forever by SummeritaRhayne


SecondChance At Forever 






Whathappens when the terrible twos come in threes?

Stutiloves being a mother to her triplets, but it can be a harrowingroutine. She’s even more submerged in the craziness when she takesthem and her mom-in-law for a trip to Rajasthan, the land of theerstwhile Thar desert royals and their palaces. After the passingaway of her husband, she feels she owes it to her mil to take her toher favourite holiday. In the Amber Palace, her reckless toddlerrushes onto a modelling shoot. As she picks up her daughter who hastripped over a gorgeous zardozi sari, her gaze clashes with that ofthe man she’d hoped never to set eyes on again in her life.

Apassion that threatens to set fire to more than just her senses

Revathwas everything she wanted in a man, but six years ago he chose towalk away from her. Now he wants to be back in her life. When sheknows he doesn’t want the same things in life that she does, wouldshe be wise to let anything rekindle between them? Is it already toolate for rethinks?

Desirethat has to be denied

Revathknew the moment he met Stuti again that he couldn’t just let her go.But Stuti is absolutely the wrong woman for him. It was proved sixyears ago when they chose diametrically opposite ways for themselves.He doesn’t believe in forever, so what’s he doing asking her for asecond chance?


Canthree little miracles be a barrier to two people finding love?

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Aboutthe Author

SummeritaRhayne writes contemporary and historical romance with lots ofemotional conflict. She first got published in 2013 and has woncontests with prestigious publishers such as Harlequin and HarperCollins India. Her pet belief is, if the inspiration is strongenough, the story characters will find a way to make the writer penthem down, even when writing time is in short supply. When cerebrallyconfronted with the sizzling interaction of two Alpha characters, theonly way to get peace is write their book!

Atheart, she’s a family person and even though she loves her medicalteaching profession, she happily becomes a homemaker when not atwork. She loves winding down with music, romcoms, cricket (strictlywatching only) and social networking



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